Our Leadership Team


Dr. Dan Adams

Associate Vice Chancellor

Dr. Adams has an extensive background in university administration, most recently at the University of Arizona, where he served as associate vice president for the division of Student Affairs. His experience provides a broad base of knowledge of retail operations, facilities planning, contract development, as well as an understanding of the technical aspects of auxiliary services operations.



Richard Hayes

Senior Director, Financial Services

In his position, Richard Hayes oversees accounting, cash operations, and human resources for the division and has oversight of the NC State Bookstores. While he Directed the Bookstore for 25 years, the Bookstore is now Directed by Pat Hofmeister. He is also responsible for Wolf Xpress Copy & Print Services. A 1977 graduate of NC State University, he has 35 years of retail experience.

Mr. Hayes was the Chair of the Independent College Bookstore Association (a North American association of independent college stores) and has chaired the North Carolina Association of College Stores. The bookstore has received numerous national awards for excellence in college bookstore financial management.


Randy Lait

Senior Director, Hospitality and Marketing Services

In addition to directing University Dining, Randy Lait leads the development of campus hospitality initiatives as well as the marketing and public relations initiatives. Mr. Lait has worked in University Dining since 1984 in a number of roles, including operations manager and business officer.

Mr. Lait served on the board of directors of the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) and was chair of the 2002 National Conference for the organization. He is a 1984 graduate of NC State University’s College of Management.


Gregg Zarnstorff

Trademark Licensing
(919) 515-2146


Chip Watson

Lonnie Poole Golf Course
(919) 833-3338


Patricia Hofmeister

NC State Bookstores
(919) 515-2161


Tim Hogan

University Student Centers
(919) 515-1090


Mike Smith

Wolfpack One Card Services
(919) 515-6348


Scott Button

Rave! Event Services


Shawn Hoch

University Dining
(919) 513-7854


Teri Hellmann

Wolf Xpress
(919) 513-7194


Jennifer Gilmore

(919) 513-3017


Diane Chilcote

Financial Services
(919) 515-3197


Jimmy Wright

Facilities Planning
(919) 515-9914


Dorothy McLeod

Human Resources
(919) 515-6353