Campus Enterprises | Who We Are
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Campus Enterprises is NC State’s lead division of retail and hospitality organizations — University Dining, NC State Bookstores, Trademark Licensing, Lonnie Poole Golf Course, University Student Centers (Witherspoon, Thompson, Price and Talley), and the Wolfpack One Card Services. Each unit shares a common goal: deliver quality and efficient services worth dedicated financial support for student activity and scholarships.

Grounded in an entrepreneurial spirit that embraces the entire university community, Campus Enterprises is leading campus-wide efforts such as the $120 million Talley Student Center Renovation and Addition, the Carol Poole Club House at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course, and Centennial Campus Hotel/Conference Center and Town Center.  Recent projects include the Atrium Food Court renovation and temporary Bookstore relocation to Harrelson.

  • Apply management practices and responsible planning to ensure excellent service, quality facilities and annual financial return for student support and merit- and need-based scholarships
  • Provide students, faculty, staff and visitors with one-stop functionality
  • Identify retail hospitality and student-service opportunities that continually improve customer experiences
  • Respond to service requests in a prioritized and prompt manner
  • Emphasize and develop resources that enhance the student experience and offer on-the-job training
  • Put the best ideas into action by encouraging input from employees at all levels or member organizations