Student Center Board of Directors

January 23, 2012

Walnut Room, Talley Student Center


Jonathon Smith, President,  called the meeting to order at 6:00pm. He welcomed the board members back as this was the first meeting of the semester.

The Secretary called the roll of members. The roll is as follows:

Present-  J. Smith, M. Barnhill, E. Ericksen, P. Megginson, K. Harris, S. Price, D. Cunningham, K. Rollinson, J. Kunnappillil, F.  Fulford, C. Cohn, M. Clayton, S. Gaskin, K. Strickland, A. Howard, L. Skully, N. Ralston, A. Miller, M. Giancola, T. Hogan, J. Woodard, Samantha Melton

Absent- S. Fair, A. Hartill, E. Scott, C. Wade, B. Bryson, K. Green,

Matt Barnhill moved to approve the minutes of the November 21, 2011 meeting.  The minutes passed unanimously.

Reports of Officers:

Parker Megginson, Treasurer, met with Suzie Crews to make certain that the budget is in-line.  Updated budgets will be distributed at our next meeting.

Matt Barnhill, Vice President, reported that he will be off campus for much of the coming semester as he is student teaching. He encouraged members to keep in contact via e-mail.

Jonathon Smith, President, welcomed the new advisors to the Board of Directors; those being Mike Giancola, Director of CSLEPS and Dr. Joanne Woodard, Vice Provost for the Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity. Mike addressed the board concerning his excitement for working with the board during the upcoming semester.

Jonathan then showed the board pictures of the recent BOD service project that took place at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

Dr. Woodard then addressed the board explaining her office and its duties.

Upcoming Goals of Committees:


  • Input on campus policies presented to committee.
  • Regularly update the bulletin board in Talley
  • Create awards for certain departments or individuals who have well served the student.


  • Use money from the facilities project line item in the budget to perform projects on campus (bike rack project, add stage to Witherspoon, etc.).  They will be working with Tim Hogan to identify potential projects.


  • Complete service project at Ronald McDonald house.
  • Update the Budget.

Unfinished Business/ Updates:

Harrelson Open House will take place tomorrow, January 24, from 10am to 4pm. Members will be helping direct students through Harrelson, answer questions, and distribute door prizes.

New Business:

Tim Hogan addressed the board about the continuing Witherspoon Renovations.   The University Architects are looking at the plans now.  He will have more information available at the next meeting.

Dr. Woodard addressed the board concerning the upcoming project “At Home Around the World.” This project is being conducted by The American Council on Education. This will be a three year demonstration project to identify effective strategies fro creating synergy between internationalization and diversity/ multicultural educational initiatives on US Campuses. NC State is one of eight national universities that will be participating in the cultural activity that will foster an interest in international culture interests in students. The main goal of the project is to come up with goals that will encourage cultural experience (i.e study abroad) in all US campuses. Secondly, she explained the ECD 296 course (Special Topics in Counselor Education), offered in the College of Education. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to carry out their abilities as a professional, regardless of where in the world their career takes them. This quality will make NC State students more hirable. Dr. Woodard explained that this will hopefully be the first of many new courses at NCSU designed to prepare students for a career anywhere in the world.

Reports of Advisors:

Alex Miller encouraged all students to visit the new exhibit in the Gregg Museum “Bark Cloth and Bras and Bulletproof Cotton.” He also noted that there will be a musical exhibition featuring the music of Sly and the Family Stone as well as a lecture by Allen Tanenbaum on photographs featuring John Lennon and his wife during the 1970s. Both of these events will take place on February 6th.

Mike Giancola shared about a special Wolfpack Leader Presentation that took place earlier today.   He also encouraged members to take part in Leadershape as presented by CSLEPS.

Tim Hogan gave the board a couple of construction updates: the glass on the north side of Talley will be covered due to Feb./Mar./ Apr construction which will cause the back doors to Talley to be closed. Furniture for the new building is still being decided by the appropriate committee. Once furniture choices are decided, they will be sent to the board that will be responsible for sending those choices to the student body.

RickGardner shared that UAB is hosting NC State’s Campus Movie Fest where students are allowed to create their own movie and submit it in this competition.   We should encourage our peers to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Matt Barnhill moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:56pm. The motion was seconded and accepted.