Student Centers Board of Directors Meeting

February 6, 2012


Walnut Room, Talley Student Center


Jonathon Smith, President, called the meeting to order at 6:03pm.

Emily Ericksen, Secretary, called the role:

Present: J. Smith, M. Barnhill, E. Ericksen, P. Megginson, K. Rollinson, K. Green, S. Price, D. Cunningham, C. Wade, F. Fulford, C. Cohn, M. Clayton, S. Gaskin, A. Hartill, K. Strickland, L. Skully, N. Ralston, A. Miller, M. Giancola, J. Woodard, S. Melton.

Absent:  K. Harris, B. Bryson, J. Kunnapillil, E. Scott, A. Howard, T. Hogan, S. Fair.

Kevin Rollinson moved to accept the minutes as read, with one correction under ‘New Business.’ The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Reports of Officers

Parker Megginson-Treasurer:  The new budget was passed out for the board members to view and approve. Parker drew special attention to line item 302 (Facilities Improvement Project) which will be money used to improve campus along with money for the Ronald McDonald house community service project.

Matthew Barnhill- Vice- President: Reminded all board members that the easiest way to contact him is via e-mail as he is off campus student teaching this semester.

Jonathon Smith- President: Encouraged all committees to meet at least bi-weekly.

Reported that the support for the Talley renovation among students is growing.

Reminded board members to continuously check their e-mails and to forward relevant e-mails to student groups and individuals. Furthermore, he encouraged board members to stay up to date with the BOD website.

In March, the BOD office in Talley will be officially moving to the satellite office in Harrelson.

Unfinished Business/ Updates

Student Body Elections will be held March 27th. If any members are interested in being a part of the board in either an at-large or presidential capacity, they must put their name on the ballot for the upcoming election. They will begin their term of service in the fall. The books open Feb. 20th and close Feb 27th.

Deborah Felder addressed the board in terms of trademarks. She informed the board that the use of “Wolfpack” is a trademark of NC State. However, there are 22 student organizations that have “Wolfpack” in their name. The appropriate use of the name as well as a defense of the logo and trademarks from being used outside of NC State is under discussion. If there any comments or opinions from the board members, they should direct those to the SOURC office. Discussion and questions were then directed to and addressed by Ms. Felder

New Business

The Creative Artist Award-This competition is open to any students creating original art work in the areas of theater, music, and dance. The deadline for this competition is April 2nd and the winner will receive $500 and recognition in the ARTS NC State Playbill.

“Have a Heart” Campaign- Food Drive for Central and Eastern NC Food Bank collection. Boxes for collection are located all over campus and are in need of canned goods, rice and dried goods, baby foods, etc. The goal is to raise 2500lbs of food.

Committee Reports

Programming-Caitlin Cohn, Chair: *Attendance has been low at meetings. The committee met with Ms. Felder to discuss the trademark issue discussed earlier. They have also discussed bulletin boards in both Talley and Harrelson. The first will contain information about the Board of Directors and the one in Harrelson will promote the 4th floor study lounge. Finally, the committee discussed certificates and gifts of appreciation for staff leaders in student organizations.

Facilities- Kevin Rollinson, Chair: The Facilities committee did not meet this week, but Kevin will be in touch to meet in the upcoming week.

Budget- Parker Megginson, Chair: The Ronald McDonald house dinner will be on April 20th. Members will meet at the Ronald McDonald house at approximately 4:30p. Parker asked for suggestions for the dinner that board members will make for the residents. Suggestions and questions followed.

Reports of Advisors:

Rick Gardner- Firstly, UAB will be hosting the All-Night Bash on March 30th. There will be a cookout at 5p and the VA game will then be projected at Lee Field. Secondly, on Feb. 22nd, there will be a sneak peek of Act of Valor and a sneak peek of Chimpanzee on April 18th.

Mike Giancola (CSLEPS)- Appropriations from Student Government for funds for student organization will be considered up until Feb.  10th. Also, a student from NC State will receive an award from the Hunger Summit in Honduras this spring break.

Deborah Felder- Re-addressed the issue of sandwich boards and their placement across campus as a means of advertising student organizations and meetings (in response to a question about sandwich earlier in the meeting).

The meeting was adjourned at 6:56pm.