Student Centers Board of Directors Meeting

March 12, 2012

Walnut Room
Talley Student Center


Jonathon Smith, President, called the meeting to order at 6:01pm.

All board members shared their Spring Break experiences.

Present: J. Smith, M. Barnhill, E. Ericksen, C. Wade, P. Megginson, K. Harris, K. Green, S. Price,  D. Cunningham, K. Rollinson, J. Kunnappillil, F. Fulford, C. Cohn, M. Clayton, S. Gaskin, A. Hartill, K. Strickland, A. Howard, L. Skully, N. Raulston, T. Hogan, S. Melton.

Absent: B. Bryson, E. Scott, A. Miller, M. Giancola, J. Woodard, S. Fair

Kelly Harris moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.

Reports of Officers

Parker Megginson; Treasurer- None.

Emily Ericksen; Secretary- Recognized Alex Miller for his participation in the recent cabaret-style musical “Love: Lost and Found.”

Matthew Barnhill; Vice-President- None.

Jonathon Smith; President- None.

Reports of Committees

Programming- Committee has not met since last meeting but has a meeting scheduled for this week.

Facilities- Chair absent.  Will be presenting facilities project proposal at next meeting.

Budget- There will be a meeting to discuss changing line items and appropriation of funds for the 2012-2013 Budget this week.

Unfinished Business

Jonathon explained to the board that there were some changes to list of candidates for UAB president. Officially, the Student Centers Board must approve candidates for UAB presidency. Since the previous meeting, there has been an additional candidate seeking UAB presidency; they were approved not by the board as a whole, but by the governing body of officers. The members of the board were informed of this decision.

Jonathon also announced that Sarah Price was uncontested for the SCBOD presidency and would serve as such for the next school year. Also, Michelle Clayton will be running for a seat in Student Senate, and Jonathon himself will be running for Student Body President.

New Business

Tim Hogan gave a presentation on the updates for the Talley renovations. He gave an update on the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment committee, the communication of the renovations to the students and public via multiple sources of media, a review of the design for each of the phases, etc.  He stressed the importance of sharing this information with your constituents.

Following, Jonathon Smith proposed the amendment that removal of the Student Body Treasurer, ex-officio from the BOD be replaced with the position being fulfilled by the Student Body President or her/her designee. This will be Article I, Section 3, H.  Jonathon moved to accept this amendment, and the motion was seconded. Discussion ensued. The motion passed unanimously.

Kelly Harris presented the second amendment. She then moved to accept the amendment to the constitution that would change the wording of the Union Constitution to remove the need for two-thirds of the student body to approve amendments to the Union Constitution (Article 3) and require, instead, that a vote of approval by two- thirds of the UAB and two- thirds of the BOD would be necessary to pass amendments to the Union Constitution. Jonathon Smith gave the duties of the chair to Matthew Barnhill, Vice- President. Discussion ensued. The vote: 8 yeas to 7 nays. This motion required a 2/3 majority.  Therefore, this amendment did not pass.

Matthew Barnhill then restored the duties of the chair to Jonathon.

Michelle Clayton then shared information of the Women’s Center Event Take Back the Night. She then petitioned the board for sponsorship of the event. Kevin Rollinson moved to approve a sponsorship of $250 for the event Take Back the Night. The motion was seconded and passed.

Reports of Advisors

Rick Gardner passed out tickets for the UAB sneak preview of Jeff Who Lives at Home. There is also a Red and White ball, as hosted by UAB, this Saturday.

The meeting adjourned at 7:10pm.  The next meeting of the Student Centers Board of Directors will be held on March 26, 2012, at 6pm in the 4th Floor Talley Student Center Boardroom.