University Student Centers Board of Directors

March 26, 2012

6:30 p.m.

Talley Student Center Boardroom

President Jonathon Smith called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.  He welcomed the group and explained the purpose of the meeting.


Jonathon called the roll with the assistance of Kelly Harris.


Present: Jonathon Smith, Kelly Harris, Sarah Price, Daniel Cunningham, Kevin Rollinson, Cory Wade, Jaies Kunnappillil, Elizabeth Scott, Caitlin Cohn, Michelle Clayton, Katie Strickland, Alex Miller, Mike Giancola, Tim Hogan, Samantha Melton


Guests Present: TJ Willis, Caitlyn Moran, Rick Gardner


Excused Absences: Matthew Barnhill, Emily Ericksen, Parker Megginson, Kim Green, Faeben Fulford, Alexandria Hartill, Lindsay Skully, Nicole Ralston


Absent: Buddy Bryson, Seve Gaskin, Alanna Howard, Joanne Woodard, Stacy Fair


Kelly Harris moved the approval of the minutes from the March 12, 2012 meeting.  Kevin Rollinson seconded the motion.  No objection was made and the motion passed by consent.


Officer Reports:

Jonathon reminded everyone that voting day is this Tuesday.  As student leaders, we should encourage our peers to be active in this process.  Voting is open all day on Tuesday and ballots can be accessed at


Reports of Standing Committees:

Programming Committee- Caitlin Cohn encouraged Board members to work with their department directors to complete the Outstanding Center application.  A plaque will be designed this year and each year following, one department will be recognized annually for their outstanding work in the NCSU Student Centers.  Also, as a thank you, all departments will be recognized at our last meeting on April 16 with a certificate and a small gift.  If you have any ideas or want to help with this project, contact Caitlin at


Facilities Committee- Kevin Rollinson announced that the 2012 SCBOD Student Centers Facilities Project Proposal would be presented this evening.


Budget Committee- Samantha Melton will be working with Parker Megginson and members of the Budget Committee to draft the official budget for 2012-2013.  That budget will be voted upon at our last meeting of the academic year.


Talley Student Center Renovation & Expansion Project Update- TJ Willis

  • Construction activity is increasing, watch the webcams for activity
  • Branding (graphics, dining, “NC State Feel”) and Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) meetings continue
  • Wolfpack Welcome Week event tied in with Campus Crawl – considering a beam signing instead of Topping off ceremony mid fall.
  • If you have feedback on communications of the project, let us know.


New Business

Facilities Committee Chairman Kevin Rollinson introduced the 2012 Facilities Project Proposal.  The proposal reads as following:


“The Student Centers Board of Directors Facilities Committee would like to financially assist with installing stage lighting and upgrading the screen masking in the Witherspoon Student Center.

Our goal is to make Witherspoon a more functional venue for student events.  With stage lighting, Witherspoon could become host to events such as comedy shows, music performances, various UAB events, etc.

These lights will also provide much needed venue space during the Talley Renovations.  By being able to host more events, Witherspoon will alleviate the strain of not having Stewart Theater.  The estimated costs are $4,900 with an additional $1,552.68 to upgrade the upper and lower masking on the current cinema screen.  The lights and masking would be installed by Stageworks Lighting, Ltd. of Raleigh.

This project has been proposed in the past and put on hold due to financing issues, and we believe now is the time to finally get it done.  We believe these upgrades are a wise use of our budget and will not only serve students now, but for years to come as well.”


Kelly Harris moved to bring this proposal before the house for consideration.  Caitlin Cohn seconded the motion.


Tim Hogan and Rick Gardner expressed their support of the project but warned that the upgrade to the upper and lower masking on the cinema screen was not need long-range.  Plans are to upgrade the screen to a digital one in the near future.  With this change, the masking would no longer be needed.


Kevin moved to amend the motion by removing the words “with an additional $1,552.68 to upgrade the upper and lower masking on the current cinema screen.”  He also requested in this amendment to remove any wording associated with the masking.  Cory Wade seconded the amendment.


Jaies asked for clarification on the amendment and Rick Gardner explained briefly the update to a digital screen.  The amendment passed unanimously.


No further discussion was had on the motion as amended.  With a hand vote, all members voted ‘yes’ to approve the proposal.

Reports of Advisors


Alex Miller- Alex shared information concerning the upcoming ARTS NC State Gala.  The honorary chairs for this event will be all of the chancellors under whom Dr. Tom Stafford has served.  Dr. Stafford will be recognized for his many accomplishments to the NCSU Visual & Performing Arts Programs.


Mike Giancola- Mike shared that plans are being made now to showcase the trophy that the University received for community service earlier this month.  At this time, we would like to have it present at the Joyner Visitor Center.


Rick Gardner- All Night Bash is coming up on March 30.  Chitty Bang will be performing and various games will be available for fun.  Come out and have a good time.


Caitlyn Moran- TEDxNCSU is coming up soon along with Pan-Afrikan Week.  Check out those events.


Board members presented announcements from their respective units.


Whereas the next meeting of the Student Centers Board of Directors will be held on April 9, 2012, in the Talley Student Center Walnut Room from 6-7:30 p.m., Kelly Harris moved to adjourn.  Michelle Clayton seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously at 7:00 p.m.