Student Center Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2011

4th Floor, Talley Board Room

President Jonathon Smith called the meeting to order at 6:40.  The starting time was delayed due to a BOD tour with Dr. Tom Stafford at the NCSU Belltower.

Vice President Matthew Barnhill called the roll.

Present: Jonathon Smith, Matthew Barnhill, Emily Ericksen, Parker Megginson, John Willis (Proxy for Matthew Woodward), Kelly Harris, Daniel Cunningham, Kevin Rollinson, Teresa Heath, Jaies Kunnappillil, Elizabeth Scott, Faeben Fulford, Caitlin Cohn, Olivia Desormeaux, Seve Gaskin, Alexandria Hartill, Katie Strickland, Lindsay Skully, Nicole Ralston, Evelyn Reiman, Alex Miller, Tim Hogan

Also in attendance were Holly Durham, Deborah Felder, & Samantha Melton.

Absent: Buddy Bryson, Alanna Howard (excused), Stacy Fair

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of September 12th meeting.  The motion passed without objection.

Officer Reports:

Parker Megginson, Treasurer: Budget committee will meet next week.

Emily Ericksen, Secretary: None.

Matt Barnhill, Vice- President: None

Jonathon Smith, President:  Jonathan wrote a detailed outline of the student centers fee recommendations put forth by the BOD at the last meeting.  He sent those documents to the co-chairmen of the University Fee Review Committee for their consideration.  We will know later in October the full fee recommendations from that committee.  Also, because we have outgrown the conference room for meetings, we will now be meeting in the 2nd Floor Talley Ballroom, South Gallery.  Plan to meet in that room for the rest of the semester.  The Select Committee on Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment for the Talley Project will meet in Talley on Wednesday, October 5 from 1-2:30 PM in Talley 4114.  The Select Committee on Artwork will be meet right after that in the same room from 2:30-4.  If you have a special interest in these topics, please send Jonathan an e-mail and he will keep you informed.  BOD members are encouraged to attend these meetings.

Reports of Standing Committees:

Teresa Heath, Facilities Committee: Programming committee will do a service project, potentially at the Eastern Food Bank. Furthermore, the programming committee will get together before fall break to update the bulletin board.

Jonathon Smith spoke on behalf of the Facilities Committee, as chairperson, Kevin Durso, has submitted his resignation. Jonathon asked secretary of the committee, Kevin Rollinson, to coordinate the next meeting. At that time, Jonathon asked the board to approve Kevin’s resignation. Teresa moved to accept the nomination and the motion was seconded.

Parker Megginson, Budget Committee: Parker stated that the budget committee will meet next week and an e-mail will be sent letting members of the committee know the date and time.

Jonathon then introduced TJ Willis, Talley Project Liaison for AVC Evelyn Reiman. TJ shared some of his educational background and what his role on campus is.

Guest Speaker: TJ Willis, Liaison to AVC Reiman for the Talley Project

Talley Table Talk: TJ explained that the Talley Table Talk started last semester with the model of the new Talley center located in the Talley lobby and knowledgeable students and staff explaining the renovations to students passing by . He expressed that there is interest in having another table talk, this time focusing on the interior of Talley, rather than the outside of the building. He took suggestions from the board as to which day and time would be most convenient for students. The recommendations were early in the week, preferably Monday spanning approximately 12 hours of the day. Evelyn also suggested food and beverages begin available at the Table Talk. The desire is to continue these talks once a semester.

Town Hall: TJ informed members that they are interested in making the town hall meetings more open and inviting to students. He explained the differences between the town hall meetings and the table talk, namely the progression of the renovation and how that will affect student life. He also explained that this meeting would be more formal than the table talk. It was suggested to name the town hall meetings the “State of the Union.”

Board members then offered suggestions for both the Table Talk and the Town Hall meetings in how to better reach students with the information about the Talley Project. TJ encouraged students to e-mail him with any concerns or questions at

Speaker: Tim Hogan, Student Centers Operations Director

Witherspoon Renovation: Tim Hogan informed the board about the renovations that are taking place in Witherspoon. He said that they had expressed interest in adding vestibules in the entrance to the student center, although the design of such will be difficult. Tim then presented slides of the improvements that are planned for the exterior of Witherspoon with the intent of receiving feedback from board members. One such slide showed a metal and wood framed screen in front of the open block wall on the front of the building. Board members provided feedback and suggestions for the Witherspoon renovation, generating a lot of discussion.  It was suggested that a design competition be held to involve students.  TJ and Tim are looking into this idea.

Advisor Reports: Evelyn shared information about a student media competition.

Member Reports: Samantha Melton shared that the committee chairs/ secretaries needed to send her the minutes of their committee meetings if they wanted them on the website. Her e-mail is
The chocolate festival is this Thursday, sponsored by the Women’s Center which is aimed to support breast cancer.

Jonathon Smith adjourned the meeting at 7:57pm.