Student Center Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 24, 2011

Jonathon called the meeting to order at 6:01p.

Roll was taken by all members introducing themselves, their positions, and one good thing that has happened to them since the board last met in turn.


Present: Jonathon Smith, Matthew Barnhill, Emily Ericksen, Parker Megginson, Matthew Woodward, Kelly Harris, Sarah Price, Daniel Cunningham, Kevin Rollinson, Teresa Heath, Jaies Kunnappillil, Elizabeth Scott, Faeben Fulford, Caitlin Cohn, Michelle Clayton, Seve Gaskin, Alexandria Hartill, Katie Strickland, Alanna Howard, Nicole Ralston, Evelyn Reiman, Alex Miller, Tim Hogan, Samantha Melton

Excused Absence: Lindsay Skully, Kelly Harris

Absent: Buddy Bryson and Stacy Fair

Acceptance of Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Matt Barnhill moved to accept the minutes of the September 26, 2011 meeting as read. The motion was seconded and passed.

Officer Reports:

Parker Megginson, Treasurer- “The budget is fine.”

Emily Ericksen, Secretary- Please write down any announcements members have concerning their respective organizations and give that to the secretary after the meeting.

Matt Barnhill, Vice- President- He apologized for missing the committee meetings last week, as he was in Indianapolis.

Jonathon Smith, President- Introduced the new board members. First, Sarah Price who is replacing Kevin Durso as a Campus Arts Council representative.   Michelle Clayton is also replacing Olivia Desormeux as a representative for the Women’s Center.

Reports of Standing Committees:

Programming: Teresa Heath, Chairperson. Teresa along with Caitlin Cohn described a possible service project volunteering at the Eastern Food Bank organizing donated food. The committee is attempting to carry out this service project one weekend in January.

Facilities: Kevin Rollinson, Chairperson. Kevin reported that the committee has met and has decided that they are interested in contributing to improving Witherspoon Student Center during the construction phase of Talley. They are working now to identify potential areas for improvement in Witherspoon.

Budget: Parker Megginson, Chairperson. Parker stated that the budget committee was interested in performing a service project, particularly cooking dinner at the Ronald McDonald House.  Further details of that event will be decided at a later time.  He was advised to speak with the Programming Committee regarding this idea.

New Business:

Discussion then moved to Provost Arden’s request for the BOD to endorse his statement, written in response to the recent incident of vandal at the GLBT center in Harrelson Hall. The statement denounces the act of vandalism on campus and restates that NC State welcomes diversity and discourages prejudice. Teresa Heath moved to endorse the statement. The motion was seconded and passed.

November 9th from 9am to 9pm at the Talley Student Center Lobby, there will be a Talley Table Talk. Jonathon greatly encouraged all members to sign up for at least an hour on the Google Doc to volunteer at the Talley Table Talk. There will be an optional training day this Thursday to prepare BOD members to speak with NC State students about the Talley renovation.

Along the same line, the State of the Union Town Hall meetings will be held on November 9th. The first will be from 3-4p and then from 6-7p. The location will be 1202 Talley Student Center. Jonathon shared the Town Hall Meeting Agenda, which included several speakers who will be describing the new building as well as NC State Staff, who will be informing those in attendance about the student life changes that will be taking place.

There are several committees that meet in order to determine the interior design of the new Talley.

  • The first committee is the Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Working Group. This committee plans the layout of Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment in the new Talley. The group meets bi-weekly on Thursdays from 1-2:30p. The next meeting will be November 3rd  in the Blue Room..
  • The second committee is the Art Selection Committee that decides what type of art will go in the new Talley and its location. This committee meets from 2:30-4p and the next meeting will be November 3rd  in the Blue Room.
  • The third committee is the Marketing Committee. The purpose of this committee will be to inform the public of advancements in the Talley renovation, such as what days Cates Ave. will be closed, etc.   The next meeting will be held October 27 at 4 PM in 1202 TSC.

*Jonathon asked that if any members of the board are interested that they attend these committee meetings and provide a correspondence between the board and these respective committees. Furthermore, if any of the members know of other student leaders or representatives that are interested, he asked that they encourage them to attend and then communicate any advancements with the board.


Advisors Evelyn, Alex, and Tim all reported on their respective areas.   This weekend, our university was well represented at the Association of College Unions International Area 5 conference.  UAB and other units received recognition for their programs and marketing efforts.

Next meeting will be November 7th, 2011 at 6p in the South Gallery of the Talley Student Center Ballroom.

There was a motion to adjourn, which was seconded and passed. The meeting was adjourned at  7:03pm.