Student Centers Board of Directors Meeting

November 7, 2011

Jonathon Smith, President, called the meeting to order at 6:01pm. He welcomed all the members.

Emily Ericksen, Secretary, called the role.

Present: Jonathon Smith, Matt Barnhill, Emily Ericksen, Parker Megginson, Kelly Harris, Kim Green, Sarah Price, Daniel Cunningham, Kevin Rollinson, Teresa Heath, Faeben Fulford, Caitlin Cohn, Michelle Clayton, Alexandria Hartill, Seve Gaskin, Katie Strickland, Alanna Howard, Alex Miller, Evelyn Reiman, and Samantha Melton.

Absent: Buddy Bryson, Jais Kunnappillil, Elizabeth Scott (excused), Lindsay Skully (excused), Nicole Raulston, and Stacy Fair.

Teresa Heath moved to approve the minutes of the October 24th meeting.  The motion was seconded and the minutes were approved.

Officer Reports:

Parker Megginson, Treasurer: Noted that the budget was fine; however, if the members had any financial need for projects that there was extra money in the budget for such projects.

Emily Ericksen, Secretary: None.

Matthew Barnhill, Vice-President: None.

Jonathon Smith, President: Jonathon called on UAB Secretary, Kim Green, to introduce herself as she is the new UAB representative as a result of Matt Woodward’s resignation. He also recognized Kelly Harris as the new UAB President.

He also took time to thank AVC Evelyn Reiman for her many years of service to Student Affairs, as she is retiring at the end of this semester.

Reports of Standing Committees:

Teresa Heath, Programming: Service project at the Food Bank will be January 14th, from 9a-12p. Release forms will be available closer to date.

Kevin Rollinson, Facilities: Committee discussed having bicycle repair kits available around campus. *Alex Miller noted that ARTS NC State has begun a bicycle repair project that facilities committee may be able to collaborate on.  This committee is encouraged to reach out to the student body for input on ways to improve our student centers.

Parker Megginson, Budget: Now that a date has been set for the food bank service project, the budget committee will determine a date for the Ronald McDonald house service project.

Unfinished Business:

Jonathon passed out handouts promoting the Talley Table Talk on November 9th. He asked all BOD members to take several flyers and help disperse them among students to spread awareness about the event.

New Business:

Alex Miller discussed the developing Gregg Museum Project that will be moving to the chancellor’s old residence. Alex illustrated the renovations and improvements that will be made in order to best allow for visitors to the Gregg Museum. He also explained the difference between the Gregg and other museums, namely, the fact that the Gregg Museum allows to touch and handle the pieces in the museum.  The fundraising project goal weighs in at $4.5 million.

Tim Hogan addressed the board on the topic of retail spaces in the new Talley, which totals 1800sq. ft. The board was then asked to brainstorm ideas for filling this space. Some suggestions included: hair/ nail salon, shipping store, an offer to those business that will be displaced on Hillsborough Street (i.e. Sadlacks, Schoolkids Records, etc.), pet groomers, tailors and dry- cleaning drop off, etc. This list will be continued at the Talley Table Talk by students who visit the event.

Advisor Reports:

Evelyn Reiman:  Reflected on her past career by emphasizing the importance of the Student Centers Board of Directors and the student leaders that serve on the board.

Alex Miller: No reports.

Tim Hogan: Reported that reservations for the first three months of the 2011 Fall semester, the months in which Talley has been under construction, have increased in number when compared the first three months of the 2010 Fall semester. Up 26% since last year at this time.  Thought to be due in part to the centralization of witherspoon reservations.  Secondly, housekeeping services have been extended to Broughton & Harrelson Halls.


Talley Table Talk will be Nov. 9th from 9a-9p. There should be at least two board members for each time slot. Also, Jonathon asked that board members attend at least one of the State of the Union Town Hall meeting.

The next meeting of the Student Centers Board of Directors will be held November 21 at 6 PM in Talley Student Center, South Gallery.  Teresa Heath moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and passed. The meeting was adjourned at 7:10p.