Student Centers Board of Directors Meeting

November 21, 2011

Talley Student Center Ballroom, South Gallery


Jonathon Smith, President, called the meeting to order at 6 pm. He welcomed the members and informed them that this meeting would celebrate the accomplishments of the past semester, while welcoming the new semester and with it, new members.

Emily Ericksen, Secretary, called the role.

Present: Jonathon Smith, Matthew Barnhill, Emily Ericksen, Parker Megginson, Kelly Harris, Kim Green, Sarah Price, Daniel Cunningham, Teresa Heath, Jaies Kunnappillil, Elizabeth Scott, Faeben Fulford, Caitlin Cohn, Michelle Clayton, Alexandria Hartill, Katie Strickland, Alanna Howard, Lindsay Skully, Nicole Ralston, Evelyn Reiman, Alex Miller, Samantha Melton.

Absent: Buddy Bryson, Kevin Rollinson, Seve Gaskin, Tim Hogan, Stacy Fair.


Matthew Barnhill moved to accept the minutes of the November 7th meeting. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Reports of Officers:

Parker Megginson, Treasurer- The BOD Budget is in order.  The Budget Committee will meet next week.

Emily Ericksen, Secretary- No Report.

Matthew Barnhill, Vice President: No Report

Jonathon Smith- If any members are on campus tomorrow, there will be a meeting in the blue room in Talley Student Center concerning the 75% Talley Review.


Reports of Advisors:

Alex Miller- Encouraged all members to continue to attend the ARTS NC State events, as there are several left in the semester, as well as during the upcoming semester.

Evelyn Reiman-  She announced that the Pet a Pooch Event will be held during exam week as a part of stress busters, and she encouraged students to take advantage of that.

Reports of Standing Committees:

Teresa Heath, Programming- Announced that the next meeting for the programming committee will be after the service project with the Eastern Food Bank, which is January 14th. She encouraged members not to forget about the service project due to this schedule. She also thanked the members for a great semester.

Parker Megginson, Budget- He announced that there will be a meeting next week to discuss the service project that is to take place at the Ronald McDonald House.

Teresa Heath then read the NCSU SCBOD’s” Resolution in Support of the Gregg Museum Move to the Historic Chancellor’s Residence & the Expansion of that Facility.” Changes were made to the document to revise the wording of “the Old Chancellor’s Residence” to “the historic Chancellor’s Residence.” The resolution was met with great approval. Matt Barnhill moved to accept the resolution. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Following, the Board said farewell to Teresa Heath, and Daniel Cunningham moved to accept her resignation. The motion was seconded and passed.

Cory Wade was then introduced as the new appointee to the now vacant At-Large position open. He stood up and spoke about himself and his leadership experience in the past two years. A motion was made to accept Cory as the new At- Large member for the spring semester. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

In closing, as a celebration of Evelyn Reiman’s retirement, each member of the board present shared a special “Evelyn memory.” Afterwards, there was an ice cream reception where members ate and socialized.


The next meeting of the Student Centers Board of Directors will be held on January 23, 2012, at 6 PM in the Talley Walnut Room.