Campus Enterprises SPOTLIGHT Program is back!


Starting August 1, we are bringing back our Employee Recognition Program, CE Spotlight. This recognition program is open to all permanent/SHRA, temporary, and student employees. The goals of the Spotlight program are to:

  • Foster a “thank you” culture in Campus Enterprises;
  • Reassure employees their supervisors and peers appreciate their contributions and hard work; and
  • Tangibly reward employees with visible recognition 

How does the CE SPOTLIGHT program work?

Who manages the program?CEHR, Performance Consultant
How do I nominate someone?Online nomination form (see below link), and an email sent monthly to all staff encouraging nominations
How are honorees chosen?The Spotlight committee reviews monthly nominations and chooses 3 winners for the previous month. The committee consists of permanent, student, and temp representatives from all CE units
Who are the honorees?Three honorees each month: temp, student, perm/SHRA
What do the honorees receive?A $20 gift card for Wolfpack Outfitters, a “You Are Truly Appreciated” star pin, and bragging rights
How are honorees recognized?-Each honoree’s picture is included in CE Newsletter and on CEHR Website
-Thank you recognition email from CEHR, which includes the supervisor
-Nominees who aren’t chosen will receive an email as well that includes their supervisor
Is that it?No. At the Spotlight Annual Celebration, we’ll celebrate the year’s honorees with food, drink, and additional recognition for going above and beyond, plus CE Employee Appreciation Week where HR will recognize different units each day.

CE Spotlight Nomination – 

Who deserves to be in the spotlight?  Nominate someone now.