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Common Interest Groups

This is a short list of special interest groups available for staff networking. If you would like to add a new affinity group to this list, let us know!

NC State staff have several options when it comes to sharing interests, issues, backgrounds or common bonds. Several groups, including those listed below, already meet on a regular basis to offer support for each other. These groups, also known as affinity or special interest groups (SIGS), do not need to be formal. It is not required that they create a name or mission statement, or register with the university unless that is desired. They can be formed between friends and/or coworkers, or open to the entire NC State community. Likewise, affinity groups do not need to be limited to just one segment of NC State. Groups containing students, staff and faculty develop a sense of unity within the community.

If you have a special interest or cultural background that is not listed below and around which you would like to form a group, please let us know. If the group doesn’t already exist, we may be able to offer advice on how to launch the group and recruit new members. Just contact Dr. Deb Luckadoo, Director of Staff Diversity.

WolfpackStaff Facebook Group

The NC State University Staff Senate has created a new Facebook group just for Wolfpack Staff! The group is intended to be an informal place for NC State staff members to share memories, ask questions, latest news and upcoming events.  Join WolfpackStaff on Facebook and #connectncstate

African American Faculty Staff Organization (AAFSO)

There are many organizations open to the NC State faculty and staff. Some have been around for years and some are new. Some are structured groups with officers and committees; some are much more informal. However, AAFSO has been a committed organizations since it’s beginning and through difficult times established itself as support and advocate for it members.

Association of Women Faculty

The Association of Women Faculty includes all women faculty at NC State University. We come together to support, engage and encourage one another. We aim to help promote and sustain women in our profession at NC State, and to monitor and encourage equity for all women across professional ranks and tracks at our university.

GLBT Faculty and Staff Network

Part of the mission of the GLBT Center is to provide ongoing support for GLBT faculty and staff on campus. To fulfill that mission, the GLBT Center coordinates the GLBT Faculty and Staff Network in order to provide an opportunity for GLBT faculty and staff to connect and form community, to supply informal and formal feedback about campus climate, to support and mentor GLBT students, and to connect with prospective GLBT faculty and staff members. The Network meets once a month. Check our calendar for meeting details. If you would like to join the Network, please contact Renee Wells, Director of the GLBT Center.

Multicultural Faculty Group

The focus of the Multicultural Faculty Group is on recruiting and retaining multicultural faculty. The group organizes networking opportunities for faculty, including Multicultural Faculty Friday lunches and occasional networking coffee hours.  The Multicultural Faculty Google Group provides information about upcoming events and opportunities.

coming soon
Women Involved in Networking, Giving back, and Service (Staff Women’s Network)

The Staff Women’s Network is open to all staff (SPA & EPA) women in the NC State network. We have adopted a rotating leadership model, with three members serving as the leadership team to plan meetings for three month stints. Our goals include creating a strong network of women who support each other as well as serving our community on and off campus.

Latin@ Student Support Network

The Latin@ Student Support Network (LSSN, pronounced “listen”) is comprised of Latino and Latina staff and faculty who are committed to providing Latin@ students with a home-like environment at NC State, as well as to be actively engaged in their community by participating in events the Latin@ student organizations host on campus. For example, Mi Placito is sponsored weekly by Multicultural Student Affairs as an informal gathering outside Talley Student Union. LSSN members may drop in to chat with students, listen to music, eat lunch or join a fierce game of dominos.

coming soon
coming soon
Asian/Asian American Community Network

The Asian/Asian American Community Network is comprised of faculty and staff that spent time during the 2014-2015 getting the group started. At this time, they are still working to determine their format and function. They have enjoyed sharing their individual cultures and experiences and learning about the experiences of the APPI students on campus.


If you’d like to add an Affinity Group to this list or form a new one, please contact:

Dr. Deb Luckadoo

Director for Staff Diversity
Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity
215 Winslow Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695-7530
Phone: 919-513-3245

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