Student Employee Development

Student Employee Development

Campus Enterprises offers students an opportunity to work on campus and gain valuable leadership and workplace skills to help them meet their financial and career goals.

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How to get The Scoop (on great stuff)

You may be wondering, “what is the SCOOP and why should I read it?”

Well, The Scoop is a bi-weekly newsletter sent out to all Campus Enterprises student employees. It has details about upcoming events, updates and occasionally tips on how to be the best employee you can.

On the fun side, there’s always a cool video, funny pics and gifs and an occasional spotlight on one of our CE employees!

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Meet Tim Hogan, Director of Student Centers

What was your job as a student? I was a sort of “Stock Clerk” for Ohio State University’s student center bar. I liked that job because the people were cool and I got to hang out in the Student Center.