NC State University Student Centers
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NC State University Student Centers provides spaces where students and our campus community can engage, discover, relax, dine, and shop.

Students are at the heart of our operations and serve in many leadership positions, including our board of directors and building staff. Their experience in making strategic and policy decisions governing the student centers gives them critical skills sought by employers, including leadership, management and problem solving.

We recently completed the Talley Student Union renovation and addition, a five-year project that is transforming student life at NC State. As the hub for hundreds of student organizations and departments that directly serve their needs, it’s a place to meet, study, eat, relax, dream and collaborate on a daily basis and a draw for potential students who visit the campus.

Our student centers are not just for students. Faculty, staff, alumni and the general public can enjoy the common areas, dine, shop, attend arts programs and reserve meeting and event space. Details on how to reserve space can be found here.

Did you know?

  • University Student Centers include: Talley Student Union, Witherspoon Student Center, Price Music Center and Thompson Hall.
  • We host hundreds of events each year for student groups, colleges and affiliated organizations to further their mission of education, outreach and collaboration.