Campus Enterprises | About Us
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Campus Enterprises is NC State’s lead division of retail and hospitality organizations. Each unit shares a common goal: deliver quality and efficient services with dedicated financial support for student activity and scholarships.

Grounded in an entrepreneurial spirit that embraces the entire university community, Campus Enterprises has led campus-wide efforts such as the construction of the Talley Student Union, Oval Dining, Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse and golf course operations, expansion of services offered by NC Stores and Rave! Events, trademark licensing revenue growth, and a significant elevation of dining services across the campus.


Our mission is to support our students, faculty and staff with quality campus services and facilities that are tailored to meet their needs.

Our goals are to:

  • Apply management practices and responsible planning to ensure excellent service, quality facilities and annual financial return for student support and merit- and need-based scholarships
  • Provide students, faculty, staff and visitors with one-stop functionality
  • Identify retail hospitality and student-service opportunities that continually improve customer experiences
  • Respond to service requests in a prioritized and prompt manner
  • Emphasize and develop resources that enhance the student experience and offer on-the-job training
  • Put the best ideas into action by encouraging input from employees at all levels or member organizations