Wolf Xpress Print and Copy offers a full range of copy services, including course-pack production, thesis preparation, poster printing and graduation announcements. We are also home to the first university-owned Espresso Book Machine (EBM) in the southeastern United States, which is capable of producing library-quality paperback books in minutes. Whether you want to self publish your own book or create a book that is out of print, Wolf Xpress can help.

Our business has grown as campus departments and professors have come to rely on us to print course materials, stationery, brochures, posters and banners. This shift is primarily due to our quality work, expanded offerings, competitive prices, on-campus delivery and interdepartmental charge capability. Most orders can be filled within 24 hours, a welcome option to departments trying to meet a tight deadline. Even if a professor presents a course pack the day before classes start, we can guarantee it will be on the shelf before the class bell rings.

We are located on the main floor of Talley Student Union to better serve our customers. Stop by to watch the Espresso Book Machine in action from the front window.

Connect with us!

One the Web:  wolfxpress.ncsu.edu
By Email: wolf-xpress@ncsu.edu
By Phone: 919.515.2131
In Person: 2610 Cates Avenue (Talley Student Union, 2nd floor/main level)


Teri Hellmann

Phone:  919.515.2131
Email:   teri_hellmann@ncsu.edu

Did you know?

  • Our Espresso Book Machine can produce a 300-page book in about four minutes. Stop by for a demonstration.
  • We  produced 250 copies of the NC State Basketball team’s media guide for ACC Tournament and 200 copies of the Baseball media guide in less than 24 hours to meet an aggressive deadline.
  • We produced more than 35 different course packs this year: 5000+ books in all.