Returning to Work @ Campus Enterprises


All employees returning to Campus for the spring semester is required to complete the return-to-work training and submit a covid test. Click here for more information >>

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The Division of Campus Enterprises remains committed to the health and well-being of every employee, as we reactivate our operations across campus. We appreciate all that our staff are doing to support the mission of NC State and reduce the risks to our campus community.

In addition to our division’s existing cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing protocols, Campus Enterprises will follow the workplace safety standards and guidelines detailed in Protecting the Pack: How to Return to Work Safety. Our intent is to sustain a safe and welcoming work environment for the employees who have been on campus and for those preparing to return to campus.

To learn more about the campus response and how you can help keep yourself and others safe, you can register for the Working Safely at NC State training. Additional training may be required for some employees. Also, University HR maintains a collection of resources for returning to onsite work.

Working to Keep You Safe

Here are some of the specific health and safety measures we have implemented to protect you and the campus community.

Physical Distance + Barriers

  • Providing Plexiglas shields at high contact points such as cash register stands and reception desks
  • Reducing touchpoints between employees and customers by making all Campus Enterprises operations cashless
  • Requiring employees to maintain at least 6’ of separation whenever possible
  • Marking floors for six-foot distance and supplying directional signage for customers to create a flow of traffic in our spaces
  • Complying with the State of North Carolina’s limitations on gatherings
  • Encouraging telecommuting by administrative personnel, job sharing and cross training in accordance with physical distancing requirements and as appropriate for the position
  • Supervisors will providing rotating employee shifts to prevent cross-contamination between teams when possible

Face Coverings

  • Providing face coverings for employees
  • Requiring all employees to wear a face covering
  • Encouraging visitors and guests to wear face coverings

Frequent Hand Washing

  • Providing hygiene materials (i.e. hand sanitizer, soap, etc)
  • Ensuring that facilities (i.e. faucets) are in working order
  • Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing
  • Enhancing cleaning protocols and maintaining high standards of cleaning:
    • NC State Dining – Check out how Dining is protecting customers.
    • Office personal:  Employees are highly encouraged to clean high touchpoint areas – door handles, keyboards, desktops, coffee pot, copier, etc.  Facilities housekeeping will continue regular cleaning protocols.
    • Student Centers – Review the steps the Student Centers are making to keep visitors safe and healthy.
    • NC State Stores: Register counters and Pin Pads will be wiped down between uses. Enhanced cleaning schedule for Housekeeping for floors, doors, glass, break rooms and bathrooms. Fitting Rooms will remain closed until further notice.


  • Educating employees and provide resources on proper safety protocols and PPE

How You Can Assist

The above strategies will not work without your participation. We need your assistance to keep our work spaces and each other safe and healthy. 

Feel Sick? Stay Home

  • Employees should stay home when sick, exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, waiting for medical results, or are required to self-quarantine or isolate due to reasons outlined by the CDC.  Information regarding leave options are available here, or you may reach out to Linda Marciniak, Kristie Juda or University Human Resources with questions.
  • Know the difference in the symptoms of Covid-19, allergies, cold and flu.
  • Employees are reminded of the self reporting requirement, along with any requirement to self-quarantine or isolate due to reasons outlined by the CDC.

Wear a Face Covering

  • All employees are required to wear a face covering.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

  • Everyone should continue practicing personal hygiene on a regular and consistent basis.

Cover Coughs and Sneezes

  • Everyone should continue practicing cough and sneeze etiquette guidelines on a regular and consistent basis.

Campus Resources

There are various campus partners available for employees to contact to express concerns or seek answers to questions, including after hours and on the weekend.

EMMC maintains a collection of campus Reactivation Videos which will demonstrate the numerous ways NC State is keeping you, students and the entire campus community safe and healthy.

University Human Resources maintains a collection of resources for return to onsite work.