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Paperback Books in Minutes


Our Espresso Book Machine is a self-contained printing press can produce quality paperback books in the time it takes to brew an espresso!

We can produce traditional textbooks for classroom use, custom editions of instructor materials, print production of digital library copies, coloring books, and low-cost copies of Masters’ theses and dissertations.  


Endless Possibilities

Think of the Espresso Book Machine as a fully self-contained printing press. The possibilities of what you can print are endless. The only current limitation is that internal pages can only be printed in black & white. Here are some ideas:

This machine offers many possibilities:

  • Course packs and lab manuals
  • Custom textbooks
  • Theses and research projects
  • Family cookbooks
  • Coloring and children’s books
  • Poetry books and novels
  • Autobiographies
  • More

Use your creativity and have fun! If your work can be saved as an Adobe PDF file or Microsoft Word document and can fit within a 4.5″ by 4.5″ to 8.25″ by 10.5″ page, the EBM can produce your book.

Stop by or contact us to get started.