The Wolfpack Fan Cave Challenge is taking a break for a few seasons. We hope you will continue to use this website to inspire your very own red and white Wolfpack Fancave! Meanwhile, the 2015 NC State Tailgate Championship will return to Carter-Finley Stadium for our fourth season and we hope to see you ELEVATE YOUR TAILGATE again this year!


Do you think you have a fierce “FanCave” dedicated to NC State Wolfpack? Well, we want to see it!

Show the world your Wolfpack FanCave! It doesn’t have to be an impressive display of disposable income; a can of officially licensed Wolfpack Red paint from Home Depot and a paint brush go a long way to making a boring bonus room become a “fan”-ominal fan cave! Just be sure to include a whole lot of officially licensed NC State memorabilia.


On-Campus Students

We want to see those residence halls decked out with all of the cool Wolfpack memorabilia you've collected while being a member of the Pack! Just remember, it doesn't have to be expensive to be impressive!

off campus

Off-Campus Students

Whether your Cave is an off-campus apartment, fraternity or sorority house, we want to show it off! So gather as many NC State towels and blankets from Mom's house and let your inner design stars shine!


Alumni & Fans

Calling all weekend warriors with a bucket of red paint! If you are the type of Wolfpacker who thinks there is no such thing as too much red, we want to see just how creative you can get!