General Reservations

The Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse, Hunt Library, Park Alumni Center, Talley Student Union, and Witherspoon Student Center facilities may be reserved for use by Registered Student  Organizations, University Groups, and Sponsored Non-University Groups, consistent with REG 11.55.02 – Use of University Space.  Student Organizations and University Groups may not assign their reservation privileges to either Non-University Groups (for the purpose of receiving reduced rates) or to individual members of the Student Organization or University Group (for the purpose of benefiting the individual members of the organization or group).

For additional information regarding reservations, please contact the Rave! Events Office at 919-51 EVENT (919-513-8368). Exceptions to the reservations guidelines may be granted at the discretion of the Director of the NC State Student Centers or their designee.

Shared Space Reservations

Multiple spaces within Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse, Hunt Library, Park Alumni Center, Talley Student Union, and Witherspoon Student Center are eligible for priority scheduling by the associated partner organizations. The partner organization requests will be filled prior to the shared spaces being available for use by other Student Organizations, University Groups, and Sponsored Non-University Groups.

Reservation Procedures

Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, check our homepage for the most recent information on how to reserve space.

Outdoor Event Reservations

Rave Events manages reservations for the following outdoor locations:

  • Stafford Commons
  • Harris Field
  • Brickyard
  • Wolf Plaza
  • Governors Scott Courtyard
  • Court of North Carolina
  • Bostian Lawn
  • Gardner Arboretum 
  • Mary Yarborough Courtyard

Timeline: All outdoor requests must be submitted 72 hours in advance of requested reservation time. 

Rain Sites: The State Ballroom, Talley Student Union Lobby, Duke Energy Hall, Cinema, and Washington Sankofa Room may be held as a rain site for scheduled outdoor events on a very limited basis. Requests for a rain site may be granted by the Director of NC State Student Centers or their designee.  Rain calls must be made at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event.

Rain Dates: Clients planning complex outdoor events are encouraged to request a rain date.

Food and Beverage:  Rave! Catering is the exclusive caterer for Stafford Commons and Harris Field. Events in all other outdoor locations must abide by REG 11.55.01 Production, Service and Sale of Food. Clients planning to have food at an outdoor event should notify their Rave! Catering Coordinator. Please see Food and Beverage (below) for additional information.

Stafford Commons Media Mesh: The multi-media mesh screen on Stafford Commons may be available for use in conjunction with events held on Stafford Commons.

Event Equipment: Ten 6-foot tables are available at no additional cost for events held on Stafford Commons. Any additional equipment (tables or chairs) must be rented and set up by an external vendor.

Advertising and Promotions Reservations

The Talley Student Union and Witherspoon Student Center can provide advertising and promotional opportunities for Student Organizations and University Groups. 


  • Talley Info Tables: Click here for updated Talley Info Table locations and guidelinesInformation tables may be reserved at Talley Student Union for the advertising or promotion of meetings, events, and programs, and for purposes that do not conflict with RAVE! Events Conflict Protocol (below). During Info Table peak hours (10 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday – Friday) users may be limited to one reservation per week depending on the number of requests and availability.
  • Outdoor Info Tables: Click here for updated Outdoor Info Table guidelinesOutdoor Info Tables may be reserved by Students, Student Organizations, University Groups and Sponsored Non-University Groups on Stafford Commons, Wolf Plaza, and the Brickyard. 
    • Reservations for Outdoor Info Tables do not include equipment. 
    • Amplified Sound at Outdoor Info Tables will be considered on a case by case basis. Clients must request to use amplified sound with their Rave Events Coordinator during the reservation and planning process.
  • Commercial Solicitation: All forms of Commercial Solicitation shall follow the provisions provided in section 4 of REG 07.25.12 – Solicitation and must reserve space through Rave Events. Students, Student Organizations and University Groups may sponsor Non-University Group lobby tables and information tables. The Sponsored Non-University Group will be required to complete a Facility Use Agreement and will be charged at the rate of $100 per day per table. We must receive your payment and completed Facility Use Agreement within 2 business days of your reservation request (and prior to your event date) in order to confirm your reservation.
    • All info tables must be staffed by a member of the reserving organization for the duration of the reservation. Info Table activities must not:
      • substantially disrupt University activities and functions;
      • violate any other applicable University policies;
      • obstruct building entrances, walkways, rights-of-way, or vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
      • interfere with educational activities, meetings, events, or ceremonies or with other essential processes of the University. 
  • Banners: Banner space is available for advertising Talley Student Union events along the railing adjacent to the main lobby. Banners must be 96” x 40” and be professionally printed with 3 grommets horizontally across the top (one in each corner and one in the middle) and 2 additional grommets (one on each side 13” below the top corners). Banners can be displayed for two (2) weeks prior to the actual event. Unless otherwise requested, your banner will be recycled at the conclusion of your event.
  • Electronic Billboard Screens: Space is available on screens throughout Talley and Witherspoon to display digital advertising for events that will be held in the Student Centers. Digital advertising must be submitted to the Rave! Events Office as a jpeg 1920 x 1080, png 1920 x 1080, or pptx 20 x 11 file. Digital advertising can be displayed for one (1) week prior to the actual event and is limited to one slide per event.
  • Stafford Commons Media Mesh & Pavilions TV: These resources are to be used in conjunction with programs and events held in these locations.
  • Exhibit Space
    • Free Standing: Exhibit space is available in Talley Student Union for use by University Groups housed within the Student Centers. Indoor space for Exhibits is limited to two (2) weeks. Exhibits must be maintained throughout the reservation period by the sponsoring department and must have signage that indicates the sponsoring department. Exhibits must be removed on the last day of the reservation.
    • Display Cases: Display cases are available for use by Student Organizations and University Groups. Exhibits in these cases are limited to topics  1.) focusing on showcasing diversity and inclusion at NC State or 2.) coinciding with an event in Stewart Theatre or the Ballroom. Exhibits will be displayed for a minimum of three days but could be allowed up to a maximum of one month depending on other requests for use. Exceptions may be granted to accommodate special installations, traveling exhibits, or to ensure the cases are utilized.
  • Donation Bins: Until further notice, we are not accepting reservation requests for donation bins in the Student Centers. 

Conflicts Protocol:

Rave! Events manages contracts with external vendors for all of the student centers on campus as well as other designated campus locations.  The purpose of this conflict protocol is to identify:

(1) potential conflicts with certain exclusivity rights possessed by outside vendors which have already invested a great deal of time and effort in their relationship with NC State and have proven their expertise; and

(2) types of commercial activities that compete with the services or products offered by the university.

Any department, company, or campus organization that reserves space in one of the student centers or hosts events such as trade shows, career fairs, expos or information centers, may be asked to provide our event coordinators with a list of proposed companies or organizations involved with its event.

To avoid contractual conflicts, Rave! Events will review the list of proposed companies or organizations whose university sponsorship or participation may conflict with exclusivity rights possessed by companies already under contract.  Potential conflicts may include, but may not be limited to, services similar to:

  • catering companies or any food or beverage venue service provider
  • restaurants/fast food companies
  • cellular telephone and service providers
  • printing or copying services
  • career  counseling
  • banking & financial institutions

Rave! Events reserves the sole right to enforce this protocol and to make the final decision as to which companies or organizations conflict with existing contracts.

Event Fees:

Early Access/Late Access

  • Use of the Student Centers outside of regular Event Hours (see below) must be requested and approved in advance and will result in an hourly charge as outlined in our Event Add-Ons
    • Event Hours are one hour after building opens and one hour prior to building close

Reservation Rates

  • For updated reservation rates and a list of included equipment, please click here
  • Non-University Groups must be sponsored by a Registered Student Organization or University Department. The Sponsored Non-University Group will be required to complete a Facility Use Agreement and will be charged at the Standard rate.
  • University faculty, staff, students, and student organizations may not reserve rooms or other space in the Student Centers on behalf of or for the use of a Non-University Group so that the Non-University Group can use the space at a reduced rate.
  • Sponsored Non-University Groups will be charged a non-refundable deposit (25% of room fee) and must complete a Facility Use Agreement. We must receive your deposit and Facility Use Agreement within 10 business days of your reservation request in order to confirm your reservation. 


Staffing Rates

  • For updated information regarding staffing rates, please click here.
  • Event Staffing
    • All Ballroom, Governance Chamber, and Cinema events require a minimum staffing level of one Event Assistant for the duration of the event and one hour before and after client access to the space. Depending on the complexity of the event and the amount of AV equipment required, additional staffing may be necessary. Other Priority Events (multi-day and/or multi-venue events) may be required to have a minimum staffing level to ensure the quality of the event.
    • All Duke Energy Hall Events will require a staffing fee for event setup and event management. The fee will be based on University affiliation and number of sections of the Duke Energy Hall that are being used.
  • Special Set-up Staffing
    • Some meeting rooms, lounges, and pre-function areas have a fixed set-up. If a client desires an alternate set-up, a staffing fee will be charged for the amount of time required to set-up and break down the room according to the client’s specifications.
    • The Duke Energy Hall does not have a fixed set-up, and a staffing fee will be charged for the amount of time required to set-up and break-down the room according to the client’s specifications.
  • Safety and Security Staffing
    • As part of our commitment to the health and safety of our students and the campus community, the Student Centers staff will assess all events for the potential of risk. If an event poses a potential health or safety risk, the Student Centers and the client, with assistance from NC State University Police Department, Environmental Health and Public Safety, and Fire Protection, will determine a staffing plan appropriate for the event. Charges for safety and security staffing will be billed to the client.
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance
    • Clients needing an electrical connection to company switch (State Ballroom and Stafford Commons) will be charged as outlined in Event Add-Ons
    • Events that require a Fire Alarm Disconnect will be charged an hourly staffing rate. Events that require a full building Fire Alarm Disconnect (VIP) will be charged an additional VIP Fire Alarm Disconnect charge.
    • Fees may be assessed to clients if their event causes damage to the Student Centers facilities.
    • An excessive cleaning fee may be assessed to clients if the Student Centers facilities need extensive cleaning at the conclusion of an event.


Late Cancellation/No Show:

Failure to cancel a reservation in a timely manner (30 days in advance for Priority Event reservation, and 24 hours in advance for a series/single reservation) will result in a late cancellation/no-show fee. Non-University Groups will forfeit their deposit and be charged with any staffing fees associated with the reservation.

Talley Student Union and Witherspoon Student Center

  • Student Organizations and University Groups will be charged 50% of the reservation rate and any staffing fees associated with the reservation, or $10, whichever is greater. 

Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse, Park Alumni Center, and Hunt Library

  • Student Organizations and University Groups will be charged 25% of the Standard reservation rate and any staffing fees associated with the reservation.


Security Assessment:

Certain events on University property will be subject to a security assessment by NC State University Police. The Rave! Events office will review all events for potential safety and security issues or threats. If an event could pose a potential risk to the safety and security of the event participants and audience, or to the campus community, and to ensure that event sponsors are able to successfully hold an event and the rights of free expression are protected, the Rave! Events office will contact the University Police Department and request a security assessment pursuant to REG 11.55.02, Use of University Space.

If University Police determines the event requires additional security, the Rave! Events office will arrange a security assessment meeting with University Police, the event organizer(s), and other relevant University departments or units at least four (4) weeks prior to the event (University Police requires three weeks’ notice to obtain security coverage)  to exchange information about the event and discuss logistical expectations. University Police will discuss security concerns and recommendations at the security assessment meeting. If University Police advises that an event requires additional security, Rave! Events, University Police, other relevant University departments and units, and the event organizer will coordinate the necessary arrangements.  An additional meeting may be required if new information becomes available that requires the security assessment to be modified or to ensure that all pre-event requirements have been carried out.

Additional security requirements may include providing additional law enforcement officers, imposing controls or security checkpoints at the event, creating buffer zones around the event venue, barricades, metal detectors, parking control, as well as other security measures required based on the information provided and not founded on the subject matter or anticipated viewpoints expressed at the event.

The event organizer will be responsible for fees associated with any additional security.  In addition, the event organizer must comply with all pre-event requirements as established by Rave! Events and other University departments or units or the event may be canceled.

Miscellaneous Provisions:

Potential Searches

  • Based on the security assessment, event participants and attendees may be subject to search for contraband, weapons, drugs, alcohol, and other illegal or prohibited materials.  Attendees will be notified through clearly posted signs at the event entrance if they will be subject to a search.

Room Capacity

  • The maximum room capacity for all University facilities is established by the University Fire Marshal.  Rave! Events may reduce capacity further in accordance with staff availability, client requested needs, and other considerations.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited at all events out of concern for the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and event participants:

  • Weapons are not allowed on NC State’s campus as provided by NC General Statutes 14-269.2 or 14-277.2
  • Drones/unmanned aerial vehicles*
  • Illegal drugs
  • Pepper spray, Oleoresin Capsicum, or similar sprays
  • Bats and shields
  • Masks or other items which cover the face (as outlined by NC General Statutes §§ 14-12.14, 14-12.7, 14-12.8, and 14-12.9)

*Exceptions will be made if the Responsible Administrator determines that drone/unmanned aerial vehicle is necessary for the event and the use or possession does not create a safety or liability risk.

Prohibited items will be confiscated and not returned. Individuals in violation of these guidelines are subject to removal from the event, arrest and prosecution under applicable laws and statutes.

Students who violate rules may be subject to disciplinary procedures through the NC State’s Office of Student Conduct.

Food and Beverage

The NC State Student Centers provide numerous food and beverage options for events in the Student Centers including Rave! Catering and multiple retail dining options.

  • Student Organization Snack Policy: Click here for updated Student Organization food guidelines. Only non-perishable snacks (potato chips, pretzels, cookies, nuts, soft drinks, etc.) that are pre-packaged and individually wrapped are allowed to be brought into the Student Centers for Student Organization events. Coffee (for personal use) may be brought in a thermos or a similar container that does not require electricity. Appliances that require an electrical outlet or any type of sterno or open flame are not allowed. Student Organizations may not bring perishable food items (food that must be maintained at a certain temperature to prevent spoilage) such as meat and dairy products or mayonnaise-based items into the Student Centers. The Student Organization is responsible for removal of all items brought into the Student Centers. The Student Organization Snack Policy is for Registered Student Organizations only.
  • Catering: Rave! Catering is the exclusive caterer for Talley Student Union, Witherspoon Student Center, Stafford Commons, and Harris Field. (see REG 11.55.01 – Production, Service, and Sale of Food). All catering services are coordinated by Rave! Events. Exceptions may be granted in rare circumstances to use external catering. To request an exception, an External Catering Request form must be submitted to the Rave! Events office no later than four weeks prior to the date of the event. The NC State Student Centers, Rave! Events, and University Dining will review the request to determine if an exception is granted. If an exception is granted, the sponsoring organization must submit an External Catering Agreement form and is required to pay an external catering fee ($25.00 or 10% of the total catering bill, whichever is greater) and to abide by the food handling practices in the External Catering Agreement.
  • Donated Food: Organizations wishing to bring in outside food that has been donated must request an exception to the catering policy (above). To request an exception, a Donated Food Request Form must be submitted to Rave! Events no later than four (4) weeks prior to the date of the event. The NC State Student Centers, Rave! Events, and University Dining will review the agreement to determine if an exception is granted. Exceptions may be granted in rare circumstances to use external catering as part of a donation. If an exception for donated food is granted, the sponsoring organization is required to pay an external catering fee ($25.00 or 10% of value of the donation, whichever is greater) and to abide by the food handling practices in the External Catering Agreement.
  • Alcohol: Permission to use alcohol on a per-event basis requires the Request for Permission to serve Alcohol at NC State University form consistent with REG 04.20.01 – Alcohol Regulation. The form must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the scheduled event date. The Director of the NC State Student Centers and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Environmental Health and Safety (or designee) must approve the application.

Amplified Sound/Noise

All meetings, events, and programs should be conducted in such a manner as not to produce excessive noise that may disrupt or interfere with classes, meetings, ceremonies, scheduled activities, educational activities, and other essential University processes. This includes (but is not limited to) use at: outdoor events, Talley Student Union main lobby, public seating and studying areas, lobby tables, and meeting rooms.

  • Outdoor amplified sound must be requested and pre-approved by Rave! Events prior to the requested reservation time. Participants must strictly adhere to the times and sound guidelines as set forth by NC State Student Centers and Rave! Events.

Setup and Equipment Needs

Event organizers are required to provide set-up information and equipment needs at the time the reservation is made. Details of the event must be confirmed at least two weeks prior to the event. Last-minute requests for set-up changes or additional equipment may not be possible. If a last-minute request may be possible, there will be additional staffing fees added to the event reservation. All equipment and furniture is to be moved and set-up by Rave! Events and NC State Student Centers staff only (not event organizers). Special set-up staffing fees will be assessed if the client requests a set-up to be changed from the standard, fixed set-up or if a set-up is needed in non-regular event location (lounge, lobby, dining area, etc.)

Loading Dock Services

Shipping and receiving of items may be available for Priority Events. Please coordinate these requests with the assigned Rave Events coordinator.

Decorations and Adhesives

Decorations, signs, and other materials must not be attached to the walls, doors, painted surfaces, floors, or furnishings with tape, putty or staples. Large Post-It-Note-style flipcharts may be used. All materials must be removed at the conclusion of the meeting, event, or program. Any violation of this guideline may result in a fee.

Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems

Where permitted, the use of Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems must comply with NC State  REG 10.10.09 – Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. If you plan to use drones at any event, please indicate use in the reservation request process and coordinate details with your assigned Rave Events Coordinator.


  • Service animals are permitted at events on campus consistent with REG 04.20.05 – Service Animals for Persons with Disabilities.
  • Therapy animals and pets are not allowed at events inside the Student Centers
  • For additional information regarding events with animals on campus, see Animals on State Property, or contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity and Environmental Health and Safety at or 919.515.7915.

Open Flame Activities

The use of fire producing articles or devices, or objects that incorporate fire, (i.e., candles, incense, matches, burners, sparklers, torches, pyrotechnic devices, etc.,) at events is prohibited unless prior approval has been granted by the Rave! Events office in consultation with the Fire Marshal.


Emergencies should be reported to 911 immediately. Any accidents or injuries should be reported to University Police (919-515-3000) and the Information Desk located in the main lobby of Talley Student Union (919-515-3138).