Sisterhood Dinner

Event Spotlight: Sisterhood Dinner

Hosted: Annually in the early spring in the State Ballroom
Hosted by: The Council on the Status of Women and the NC State Women’s Center
Interview with: Lisa LaBarbera-Mascote, Director, Women’s Center

Tell us about the event.

The Sisterhood Dinner is in its 34th year and offers an opportunity for the NC State community to celebrate the accomplishments of women on campus while at the same time acknowledging the work that still needs to be done toward gender equity.

For the Women’s Center, specifically, this event enables us to highlight our work and reminds everyone who comes that they also have an important role in changing the climate and culture on campus.

The event has grown significantly within the last 8-10 years, growing from 100-200 guests to a total of 658. Our goal is to host 700+ in coming years.

How else does it impact the campus?

Work that challenges the status quo is often overlooked and rarely celebrated and recognized.  One of the primary components of the Sisterhood Dinner is the presentation of the Equity for Women Awards.

This award brings attention to all of the nominees and acknowledges the relevance and importance of their work to not only the university but, in many cases, the broader North Carolina community. It also gives us an opportunity to demonstrate — loud and clear — that gender and equity are important parts of the fabric that make us NC State.

What led you to host your event in Talley Student Union?

Talley really is the perfect location for this event. It’s central to most locations on campus and is easy for guests to get to after work.

How does this event include students at NC State?

Tables are purchased by colleges and departments and frequently fill a number of their seats with students. Student-focused offices and programs typically purchase multiple tables, which are full of students!

The Women’s Center filled three tables this year almost exclusively with students. The Equity for Women Award process also recognizes one or two students each year, as well.

Prior to the start of the formal program, guests are invited to participate in a pre-event reception and silent auction. All proceeds from that auction go directly back to Women’s Center programming, which aids and supports students.


How long have you been hosting this event on campus, and what improvements have you seen because of it?

This year marked the 34th year of the Sisterhood Dinner at NC State University.  The event has always been hosted on campus, and likely always in the Talley Student Union.

How can students/staff/faculty learn more about your event and others that you host on campus?

Learn more about the Sisterhood Dinner, the Equity for Women Awards and the Council for the Status of Women at

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