Updates, Updates..


It’s time for updates! That being said, what to update with? So much has happened! Let’s start with the awesome things we’ve seen over social media, etc. For Twitter (shameless plug, @NCSUBookstores) we have accumulated over 150 new followers in the past month. Now this may seem small. but the reality is our followers stick around, and are actively searching out the information we promote on there. As far as Facebook (www.facebook.com/NCSUBookstore), we’ve got over 1,500 new fans! I’m really proud of NC State’s student body…but we have a lot of work to do! Keep it locked for more updates, more promos (I’ve got a big one coming for laptops for you all), and some new things going on in the Bookstore. Also, are you all aware of what’s going on with Talley? If not, be sure to check out http://www.ncsu.edu/student_center/university-student-centers/ until the new website is completed. The reason I’m saying this is because that’s where the new 40,000 sq. ft. NC State Bookstore will be opened in either 2014 or 2015. It’s going to be incredible.

Also, I’m really happy with the social engagement on Facebook and our other forms of social media. Keep this going, everyone! It’s good to see what you all are thinking and are staying up to date with all of the information we are trying to get to you! I will continue to posts updates on here as well as the Video Blog, the Podcast, and stay tuned for some new things as well!