Marketing + Communication

Marketing + Communication

The marketing and communication team supports the division and its various service areas with marketing, communications, public relations, and event planning. It is also charged with ensuring that the division presents itself consistently and according to the university’s brand guidelines.

Our services

  • Marketing/communication plans
  • Media relations
  • Social media/web
  • Advertising
  • Special events
  • Public speaking/presentations
  • Graphic design
  • Photography/videography
  • Crisis communication/issues management

Our team

NameResponsible ForContact Information
Jennifer Gilmore
Director of marketing and communication – Campus Enterprises (general), human resources, student success
Talley Suite 5130
Stacey StricklandMarketing manager – Dining: meal plan education, Atrium, dining halls, convenience stores, coffee shops/cafes and nutritionTalley Suite 5130
Taylor WoodMarketing manager – Wolfpack Outfitters and Wolf Xpress Print and CopyWolfpack Outfitters
Reggie HowellSenior marketing manager – Student Centers, Wolfpack One, Rave! Catering, Talley Student Union Dining, and sustainability Talley Suite 5130

Jane Neeley Senior visual arts specialist – graphic design/photography/videography for division and service areas. Talley Suite 5130
Emily StaffordVisual arts specialist – graphic design/photography/videography for division and service areas. Wolfpack Outfitters


Awards | Word doesn’t always make it to the marketing department when you’ve received an award or recognition. There is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn. Contact us with details of your award or honor so we can share it in our newsletter as well as the NC State Bulletin

Brand Guidelines | Campus Enterprises follows the NC State Brand Guidelines. We are happy to assist you with branded materials and templates. But if you want to learn more about brand guidelines, including color and typography, visit

Crisis Communication | During weather events or other situations affecting campus, all formal communication regarding operational matters is coordinated through Jennifer Gilmore. If your unit is affected, please direct any inquiries from outside departments or the news media to your direct supervisor, who will coordinate with Jennifer on an appropriate response.

E-Newsletters | We aggregate a monthly newsletter for both Campus Enterprises employees and the general campus. If you would like to be added to the distribution list or have a story idea, email us.

Models | We are always looking for models. Please complete our model form to be considered for future shoots.

Nametags | For bulk, blank nametags, contact us. For personalized nametags, managers can contact Rich Lombardi. Please provide him with the Name, Title (if needed) and quantity. The current nametag in use is white with black and red lettering. If your department is still using silver, contact us for replacement tags.

Promo Products and T-Shirts | If your unit is interested in ordering promotional products or non-uniform t-shirts, please consult your marketing manager, who can assist you with messaging and branding as well as ensuring your order is processed quickly through the trademark process. If you are unsure who to work with, contact us

Presentations | If you have been asked to make a presentation and need to create a slide deck, marketing and communication can help. You’ll need to consider whether or not you need to use a university template or one provided by a conference. Google slides offers a great tool for group editing, and you can easily import a template. We are here to make you look great, so contact us early to get started. 

Speaking to the Media | Campus Enterprises recognizes the responsibility of the news media to provide accurate and timely information to the NC State community, industry and institutional peers, and the general public. 

To help facilitate media requests and ensure that our response is consistent, accurate, fair and timely, we ask that all Campus Enterprises employees who are contacted by the media — including student media — direct all inquiries to Jennifer Gilmore. You can also contact her at 919-880-3532. She will determine who is the best person to respond and offer media coaching as needed. Here are a few important points.

  • You can share your own personal experience.
  • You cannot speak on behalf of the university or the department without consulting Jennifer Gilmore.

A few other important things to note about media on campus:

  • NC State is a public campus, and members of the media can be in public spaces (outside on campus, in buildings like Talley, inside classroom building public areas, etc.)
  • Members of the media cannot enter classrooms, private offices or residence halls without expressed permission from a university employee.

If someone asks to enter a space like this, please contact me for assistance. Members of the media can, and often will, talk to students about current events on campus, etc. 

If you have any further questions or would like more information about working with the media, please contact Mary Cole Pike ( or Mick Kulikowski ( in University Communications.

Uniforms | Each department is responsible for uniform standards and ordering. Please consult your supervisor for assistance. 

Our projects

NC State Dining takes the Mania out of Meal Plans

Learn more about “Meal Plan Mania,” where students come to learn meal plan tips and tricks, speak with our nutrition team, try samples of Howling Cow ice cream, and walk away with free giveaways.