NC State Dining Assets/Templates

Select your location below for templates. A few tips/requirements:

  • Modify editable parts of the document only. The design elements of the templates cannot be changed.
  • Only use documents for your location. If you see something in another folder that could be beneficial to yours, reach out to Stacey Strickland for assistance creating one for your location.
  • Check for spelling/accuracy. If you are not sure, ask Stacey Strickland to proofread. Just tag her in the document. If you don’t know how to do that, she can show you how.
  • Keep all versions in one document. If you find yourself making several versions for different items/times of the year, simply make another page in the document so you can refer back to it.
  • Need a different size? Ask Marketing.
  • Refrain from marking on signs with a sharpie pen or covering over information with snips of paper. If you cannot make it yourself, ask Stacey Strickland for assistance.