Wolfpack Outfitters Unveils New “College of” T-Shirt


A new t-shirt representing the colleges is available on campus. A collaboration between Wolfpack Outfitters, Trademark Licensing and University Communications has redesigned the t-shirt from the top down.

Now featuring the new NC State Hallmark, the “college-of” tees bring a fresh modern look to an “old school”  design. Gone is the arch and old traditional-styled hallmark, replaced with the modern look.

“Based on sales and feedback in the store, students really like the new hallmark and design,” said NC State Stores Director Jeff Halliburton. “Many of our students enjoy not only displaying their NC State pride, but also their specific area of study. As our new students come to campus during orientation this summer, I expect the shirts will be a top seller.”

The shirts are currently available online (shop.ncsu.edu) and in-store at Talley Student Union.

For more information about the university brand, visit https://brand.ncsu.edu/logo/.