New Student Employee FAQ


Do you have questions as a new student employee within Campus Enterprises? We have answers!

  1. What are the job responsibilities that will be assigned to me?
    1. Your supervisor will go over your responsibilities and duties in detail during your first shift.
  2. Will training be online or in-person?
    1. All Campus Enterprises student employees will be required to complete an online orientation within their first 2 weeks that should take less than 2 hours.
    2. For your specific unit, depending on what your supervisor requires, your training will either be online, in-person, or a hybrid of online and in-person.
  3. How can we complete the second part of our I9 (list of acceptable documents)?
    1. You should complete your I9 within 3 business days of starting a new student employment position.  There are multiple managers in Campus Enterprises who can help you with it, or the I9 hub at the Administrative Services II building has walk-in hours available.  More details are available on this document:
  4. How often are we paid and how are we paid?
    1. All students are paid bi-weekly. There is a pay calendar on the NCSU Campus Enterprises HR Resources website. You may need to be logged in to view it ( 
    2. Pay is done only through direct deposit to the account you listed in your profile.
    3. If you are an international student, make sure you schedule a Tax Assessment before your first paycheck.  More information is available here:
  5. How is our work time recorded (do we clock in and out)?:
    1. Each work location on campus has a time clock. You scan your student ID when you are ready to work and when you are leaving for the day. You are NEVER to use the online/web system for clocking in and out of shifts.
  6. How can I check my work hours?
    1. You can log into MyPack Portal to view your hours worked and paychecks.
  7. How flexible will work timing be?
    1. We build the schedule around the availability given by the employee. The goal is to have the schedule fixed and very consistent from week to week. We can accommodate shift changes and needs as they come up.
    2. Good communication and mutual understanding in regards to both the needs of the employee and the needs of the business are expected by both sides.
  8. Can we reduce our hours or change our availability once we get a feel for our schedules and workload?
    1. Possibly, but please provide as much advance notice as possible.  All schedule changes are at the discretion of the supervisor.
  9. What are COVID-19 restrictions going to look like throughout the fall semester?
    1. There will be updates made via email notices as there are changes. Everything is in flux in order to keep us easily adaptable for immediate changes.
  10. Do we get a meal when we work?
    1. NC State Dining offers meals at no charge to employees. However, meals are subject to limitations by the manager/supervisor of each department. Employees are provided one meal during a scheduled shift, as long as the shift meets the minimum hours. All meal periods are to be scheduled by the supervisor. Meals must be eaten during a time scheduled by the supervisor and on the premises.
  11. How long are the typical shifts?
    1. Shifts vary by location and availability. Some students will work as short as a two hour shift a few times a week and some will work six to eight hours in a shift. Locations that are open later and on weekends generally have longer shifts available.
  12. What is the process for time off requests?
    1. Supervisors generally ask for at least two weeks’ notice for time off requests. This gives us a schedule cycle to make sure that the shift is covered. 
    2. For time off requests, sick calls, and other shift related needs, you will deal directly with your unit supervisor. If they have issues or need help it will escalate to the next level. 
  13. What transportation is available to get to/from my shifts?
    1. Wolfline busses are running during most if not all times that our locations are open.  You can review relevant bus routes and times here:
  14. What are the uniform requirements?
    1. Your supervisor will discuss the dress code with you during your first shift. Most student employees will be provided with a t-shirt, and will be asked to provide their own pants and non-slip, closed toe shoes.
  15. Where can we buy non-slip shoes?
    1. Amazon, Shoes for Crews (, Rack Room Shoes (local), Wal-Mart, and Skechers ( 
  16. What do they sell at Surplus and where is it located?

More questions? You can always talk with your supervisor, or reach out to for assistance. Thanks for joining the Campus Enterprises team. We hope this is the beginning of a rewarding work opportunity for you!