Campus Enterprises Rallies During Fall Semester Opening


The Campus Enterprises team rolled out the red carpet for a record-setting first-year class and throngs of returning students eager for an in-person college experience. While it may not have been a perfect opening, it was evident by the effort put forth that student satisfaction was the number one priority.

Here are some of the things we accomplished. 

Wolfpack One Card Office

Staff in the card office processed more than 5000 cards in the first two weeks of moving and classes. They also handled throngs of meal plan and GrubHub questions, as many students and parents have not been able to participate in the full orientation experience or benefit from passed down information from upperclassmen. Despite the long lines, the team moved affably efficiently to answer their questions, take photos, and pass out cards.

NC State Dining

Restaurants nationwide are suffering as a result of staffing and supply shortages, and NC State Dining is no different. But the team pulled together and opened more locations that are ever open on the UNC Campus and served students with a smile. While long lines and technical setbacks have been challenging, most students and parents have been grateful for the staff who have worked hard to keep them fed. Said one parent: “Thank you so much for all you guys do to feed our children! Amazing how you do what you do, and the food I hear is great!” 

Dining has topped out at more than 10,000 meal plan holders for the fall semester. 

Wolfpack Outfitters

After more than a year without its regular summer and fall traffic, Wolfpack Outfitters made a comeback during the first two weeks of class. The Design Den and Tech Den got a facelift this summer, and both areas are back to being busy. New products like the Adidas NC State Ultrabost shoe, Power Sound of the South Tees and LightitRed Adidas Sideline Jersey have been big sellers both in-store and online.

The team pulled together to greet parents and students on the sales floor as well as fulfill more than 18,000 online textbook orders and preparing for the first football game. 

Wolf Xpress

This team hasn’t had much of a break during the pandemic, printing safety signage, marketing materials, course packs and more. The beginning of this school year is no different with one exception: more students walking in for photocopies. With fewer professors taking printed assignments, most students don’t use printers. It doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t need print copies on occasion. Wolf Xpress expects to see a lot more of this in the future.

Student Centers

Another lean but dedicated team cares for our student centers. Whether there are 50 or 15,000 visitors per day, they keep the building operating on schedule, with cleanings, deliveries, event setups, and generally serving as host to our students, staff and visitors.

They have also been working closely with other CE departments and campus partners on space changes and upfits, including new visitor’s center space on the 4th floor. That shiny stainless steel in the elevator doesn’t clean itself, but you would never know with the attention it – and all high touch spaces in the student centers – receives on a daily basis.

Rave! Catering

As a result of the pandemic, Rave Catering had to adapt service model, creating safe-served buffets, creating new “WolfPacks,” packaged upscale meals that have been a huge hit with guests and clients. 

Operations & Planning

This team prepared all of the CE spaces for full fall activity with reactivation of building systems, adding new HVAC filtration and adjusting airflow to maximize outside air that further enhances students, faculty, and staff safety and experiences. 

They also supported dining operations with opening a new burger venue at the Atrium food court.     

Marketing, Human Resources and Accounting

These groups also worked behind the scenes to support the division. Marketing developed wayfinding signage, branding for the burger concept, important communication to students and staff as well as pitching in wherever needed. Human resources has worked tirelessly to advertise and fill positions and provided needed support and counsel to staff needing their assistance. And of course, accounting has kept the bills paid to ensure no disruption in deliveries. 

“I myself am amazed at how the collective of the division’s staff pulled together to create a remarkably friendly and familiar set of services for students and the campus,” said Rich Berlin, Campus Enterprises AVC. “With many unknowns remaining about COVID-19 and related staffing challenges, both employees and customers seem to have started developing the new and comfortable routines that make college life such a vibrant experience.”