Meet Kaylee and Mehul


March 2023

Kaylee Barrera

Permanent Employee, Campus Enterprises Administrative Services

Kaylee‘s Nomination:

Kaylee Barrera

“Kaylee was SUPER helpful with managing registration for the Values-Based Hospitality workshops over spring break. She stepped outside her normal responsibilities to help me out and made the whole process run much smoother for the training attendees and for me.

During one class, we had a situation with a group of employees who spoke very little English and were a bit confused about the process of the workshop. Kaylee stepped in to join their discussion group. Even though she didn’t speak Vietnamese, she was able to engage with the group by asking them simple questions in English and learning more about their lives and their work. By doing so, she demonstrated the values of inclusion and community that we were discussing in the workshop! Her kindness and patience were much appreciated.”

Mehul Nachankar

Student Employee, Port City Java

Mehul’s Nomination

Mehul Nachankar

“One day, I ordered a mocha shake at Port City Java, but it was too crowded, and I was getting late for the lecture so left without taking my drink. As soon as I crossed the door, Mehul Nachankar tapped me from behind with my drink. It was really sweet of him. Love PCJ!”

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