Meet Hillary, Tim and Himesh


September 2023

Hillary Higgins

Permanent Employee, Starbucks

Hillary’s Nomination:

Hillary Higgins

“Hillary is a bright spot in everyone’s day. She continues to get customer comments like the following:

‘Hillary wasn’t there and I miss her.’

‘Hillary is the best and deserves a raise… an absolute icon… Disney Queen energy.’

‘Hillary is the GOAT.’

‘Hillary made my day! Everything was made perfectly but I ordered it wrong on accident and she fixed it for me anyway!'”

Tim Bynum

Temporary Employee, Union 51 Burgers

Tim’s Nomination:

Tim Bynum

“Cheerful person, always proactive to work, and creates a positive environment for all at Union 51 Burgers.”

Himesh Kafle

Student Employee, Clark Dining Hall

Himesh Kafle

Himesh’s Nomination:

“As the cashier at Clark he stays engaged with the guests. He has learned countless names, never misses a hi and bye as people come and go. He is always positive and calm even when a difficult situation arises, as it did this morning. He let the guests know it would be an extra minute or two, but he would get them taken care of.”