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Campus Enterprises employs more than 1200 students in roles across the operation, serving in a variety of roles. Many students begin in entry-level positions, but there are great opportunities to move into leadership roles, managing others and serving as mentors. Meet some of our student employees who are not only earning money to help with college expenses but also gaining critical skills that will serve them well into their chosen careers.

Itzel Rojas Galvan

Meet Itzel Rojas Galvan

Itzel jump-started her campus employment early by landing a job at Wolfpack Outfitters as soon as she set foot on campus.

“I am a cashier at Wolfpack Outfitters, the campus bookstore,” Itzel said. “My daily tasks include ringing up sales, maintaining accurate records of customer paperwork and department stock, and providing a high level of customer service that reflects the values of the university.”

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Hailey Eisen

Meet Hailey Eisen

Hailey Eisen, a fashion textile management major, started working with Wolfpack Outfitters during her sophomore year. Initially, she was a bookstore ambassador but decided to expand her role and apply for a marketing internship. During her time as a bookstore ambassador, she was able to promote both the NC State and Wolfpack Outfitters’ brand through social media, events, etc. Eisen stated that her ambassador role helped her transition into her new position as a marketing intern.

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Abby Cozart

Meet Abby Cozart

Abby Cozart, a Fall 2019 graduate with degree in genetics and history, has been promoted twice as an NC State employee with Rave! Events.
Initially, Abby was drawn to the idea of having a job on campus because she knew an NC State supervisor would be accommodating to her class schedule. She waited a couple of semesters before applying for her position because she wanted to adjust to the academic strain of college before taking on more responsibility.

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Jaenine Galido

Meet Jaenine Galido

Jaenine Galido works for Wolfpack Outfitters in Talley Student Union while pursuing a degree in accounting. She wanted to gain work experience before graduating from college, so she applied for a position at Wolfpack Outfitters because she knew it would be a great fit for her.
“Working on campus seemed ideal because all of my classes would be close to my work,” she said. “I love Talley and I love shopping at the bookstores, so I thought to myself, ‘why not work at a place I love.’”

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Jasmine Gaston

Meet Jasmine Gaston

Jasmine Gaston, a student employee pursuing a degree in electrical engineering, has been working on campus since the first day she arrived. She initially worked for Wolfpack Outfitters before realizing she had a greater interest in NC State Dining. She has been working for Clark Dining Hall ever since.

According to Gaston, her job role is always changing at Clark. Not only does she know how to cook, but she also knows how to do other tasks essential for running a dining hall.

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Michael Myers

Meet Michael Myers

Michael Myers, a student pursuing a chemical engineering major and business entrepreneurship minor, shared his experience working at NC State with Wolfpack Outfitters.

According to Myers, he wanted to apply for Wolfpack Outfitters to improve his workplace skills while also making money. He considered taking an off-campus job, but the benefits of working on campus outweighed commuting off campus for work. It was important to him for his employers to understand that being a student takes priority over work.

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Madison Beardslee

Meet Madison Beardslee

Madison Beardslee, an interdisciplinary studies student, was initially interested in becoming a dining diplomat because her sister worked with Lisa Eberhart, director of nutrition and wellness. One semester she took a leadership position that exposed her to more nutrition and dining opportunities. She described her daily task below.

“Job tasks include office work, such as CBORD auditing, creating cool designs for brochures and pamphlets, and menu auditing,” Beardslee said. “Other tasks can be working on campus to spread the word about health and wellness, such as in a cooking demo or events like ‘yoga and yogurt.’”

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