Cassie Ingram wins NC State Bookstore’s Laptop Insanity!

NC State Bookstore Announces Laptop Insanity Winners

FOR RELEASE September 6, 2013

NC State Bookstores is pleased to announce the winners of its Laptop Insanity program to reward two students who chose to purchase their laptop from the campus bookstore this summer.

Cassidy Ingram, a freshman in the College of Engineering, won first prize: her laptop free, plus free textbooks for the fall and spring academic semesters. Nathan Trevilian, a freshman in the College of Management, won second prize: free textbooks for the fall semester. Ingram and Trevillian were among over 1,200 students who qualified for the drawing.

“I feel incredibly blessed and I hope to find a way to pay it forward, “said Cassie. The laptop alone was valued at $1300.

Laptop Insanity is a program created by the NC State Bookstore and launched in the summer of 2013 to help ease the burden of two students while also providing an incentive to purchase laptops from the Bookstore. Students that purchased their laptops from the Bookstore were automatically entered in a random drawing in the hopes of winning one of the top two prizes; the first prize winner would receive a full refund for their laptop as well as their textbooks free for an entire year, and the second prize winner would receive free textbooks for a semester.

“Laptop Insanity is advantageous for many reasons: first, it encourages students to purchase their laptops from the Bookstore for the same price they would find them elsewhere, which allows the Bookstore to return more money to students in the form of financial aid and scholarships,” says Alex Barnett, Marketing and Promotions Manager for Campus Enterprises. “Second, it gives the Bookstore the opportunity to ease the burden of our students, even if it’s two a year, by providing two of their more expensive college purchases for free.”

With the success of Laptop Insanity in its inaugural year, the Bookstore plans to continue the program in the future.

“Not only does it encourage students to support the University by keeping their purchases on campus, but it allows the Bookstore to help out two of our students facing a major financial purchase each year,” said Anthony Sanders, Associate Director for the NC State Bookstores. “Laptop Insanity gives us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students.”