Wolfpack Outfitters Unveils New “College of” T-Shirt

A new t-shirt representing the colleges is available on campus. A collaboration between Wolfpack Outfitters, Trademark Licensing and University Communications has redesigned the t-shirt from the top down.

Now featuring the new NC State Hallmark, the “college-of” tees bring a fresh modern look to an “old school”  design. Gone is the arch and old traditional-styled hallmark, replaced with the modern look.

“Based on sales and feedback in the store, students really like the new hallmark and design,” said NC State Stores Director Jeff Halliburton. “Many of our students enjoy not only displaying their NC State pride, but also their specific area of study. As our new students come to campus during orientation this summer, I expect the shirts will be a top seller.”

The shirts are currently available online (shop.ncsu.edu) and in-store at Talley Student Union.

For more information about the university brand, visit https://brand.ncsu.edu/logo/.

Wolfpack One Card and PNC Bank Offices to Open June 12

Changes are coming at NC State as the newly renovated Wolfpack One Card office and full-service PNC Bank branch will open in the Talley Student Union on June 12. The branch will offer on-campus banking convenience for students, faculty, staff and visitors. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 3:15 p.m. in front of the new office.

The two offices will sit adjacent on the main level of Talley Student Union, sharing a common lobby to greet guests. In addition to providing banking and ATM services, PNC will offer financial wellness programming through on-campus workshops on personal financial management and financial literacy. Topics include basic banking, credit management, savings and investing and identity protection.

PNC Bank was chosen as NC State’s banking partner through a competitive bid process in 2018. Money Magazine recently named PNC Bank as the best bank for students in the Southeast due to its Virtual Wallet Student® program that provides one checking and two savings accounts (long term and short term) among other attractive features.

PNC Student Banking benefits include:

  • Virtual Wallet Student® customers can avoid the monthly service charge for six years with proof of active student status.1
  • Get free access to all PNC ATMs on and off campus.
  • Visit pnc.com/locator to easily find your nearest PNC ATM.

For more information, visit pnc.com/ncstate.

Faculty and staff will also have the opportunity to link their ID card, carry the co-branded Visa Debit Card, and choose from a suite of checking products. Alumni and NC State fans and supporters banking with PNC can also choose the co-branded Visa Debit Card.

These features and changes also accompany a newly designed Wolfpack One Card. Students who choose to link their Student ID with a PNC account will receive the new card at no additional charge.

For questions about the Wolfpack One Card Services, call 919.515.3090 or visit onecard.ncsu.edu. For questions about PNC’s student banking program, visit pnc.com/ncstate

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

1 Virtual Wallet Student has no minimum balance requirement or monthly service charge for active students for six years from when you enroll in our student program. At the end of the six year period, your account will be subject to the features and fees as described in the Virtual Wallet Features and Fees in effect at that time. Customer may be required to provide proof of active enrollment in a qualifying educational institution.

©2018 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC

PNC Bank, National Association, is a member of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: PNC). PNC is one of the largest diversified financial services institutions in the United States, organized around its customers and communities for strong relationships and local delivery of retail and business banking including a full range of lending products; specialized services for corporations and government entities, including corporate banking, real estate finance and asset-based lending; wealth management and asset management. For information about PNC, visit www.pnc.com.

NC State Introduces New Campus ID Card Design

NC State is introducing a new design for its campus ID card. The new card will be issued to all new students and newly hired staff as well as those seeking replacements for lost cards beginning in June 2018.

“The new design is in response to a number of needs related to our campus card,” said Randy Lait, Campus Enterprises senior director for hospitality services. “First it has a number of improvements to security features, such a larger photo, larger text for name and university affiliation and a hologram of the new university hallmark. It also has a new barcode, legal name and card number on the back.

“Second, it is programmed to allow cardholders to connect it to a PNC checking account should they choose to do so,” he added. “Third, it has a protective overlay on the front and back of the card that will keep the cards looking newer longer.”

Existing campus cards, which feature the NC State Belltower, will remain functional. The university will not be replacing cards for those

who already have an ID card.

Back of the new Wolfpack One ID Card

“Our incoming students will get the new card at orientation.  Anyone who wants to replace their current ID card with the newer style card may do so at the Wolfpack One Card office in Talley Student Union,” Lait added.  “The fee is $20, which may be waived if you are getting the new card in order to link it to a PNC account.”

The Wolfpack One Card Office has temporarily relocated to the lower level of Wolfpack Outfitters while its permanent space on the main level undergoes a renovation to convert a portion of the space into an on-campus service center for PNC Bank. It is expected to re-open in early June.

PNC Bank is the official bank of NC State University. To learn more about PNC banking products for the NC State community, visit pnc.com/ncstate.

For more information about the Wolfpack One ID card, visit one.ncsu.edu

Wolfpack Outfitters Celebrates National Tartan Day with Pack Plaid

Wolfpack Outfitters is celebrating National Tartan Day on April 6 by featuring a new line of products made with NC State’s official tartan, Pack Plaid.

The official NC State Tartan was designed by Kathleen Kelly ‘14. She was in her first semester of graduate school at the College of Textiles when she designed the winning entry in NC State’s Pack Plaid contest. Her design, a sophisticated pattern in black, dark gray, red and white, is now listed as the “North Carolina State University — Pack Plaid” in the Scottish Registry of Deeds, the official Scottish register of tartans.

“Currently we carry scarves, koozies, luggage tags, mugs, and coasters,” said Jeff Halliburton, director of NC State Stores, “we’re looking to expand our selection to a variety of products, ranging from kilts to ties and blankets.”

National Tartan Day in the United States commemorates the Scottish Declaration of Independence and recognizes the achievements of Americans of Scottish descent.

The tartan has been found in parts of the world dating back as far as 3,000 B.C. — but the patterned cloth has long been associated with Scotland, where tartans have been woven since the 3rd or 4th century A.D. The name itself is likely derived from the French word tiretaine, meaning cloth of woven wool.

Celebrate National Tartan Day with YOUR Pack Plaid, available at Wolfpack Outfitters. Shop in-store or visit go.ncsu.edu/packplaid.

Developing Student Leaders in Campus Enterprises

Lexus Bivins, a senior in International Studies, found an opportunity to develop her leadership skills in a place she might not have expected: her on-campus student job with Campus Enterprises.  

“My most meaningful experience in my role has been helping to supervise a team of peers,” Bivins said. “Before being hired for this position, the idea of managing peers was something that frightened me, however, I am fortunate enough to work with some amazing fellow student employees. I have learned that I am very passionate about creating an effective team that not just works together, but also has fun together.”

Bivins started out working at Talley Market as a first-year student, developing confidence communicating with customers. While still working at the market, she joined the Campus Enterprises Student Employee Ambassadors team. This year, she was promoted to lead student employee ambassador, where she helps supervise nine other employees. Her experience may soon be more common.

Campus Enterprises, the lead division at NC State for retail and hospitality, is undertaking an initiative to create more student leadership positions and other promotional opportunities for student employees who desire to take on more responsibility. For example, Campus Enterprises is currently in the process of transforming the Honors C-Store into a completely student-run unit. Soon there will be no professional staff onsite; only a student manager and lead student cashiers. Other units within Campus Enterprises have had student management positions for quite some time. NC State Student Centers hires building managers who open and close Talley Student Union, manage fellow student employees, write reports and respond to emergency situations. It is a huge responsibility and is a great way to gain a lot of leadership skills. When asked what skills she has learned from her job, Lead Building Manager Nolynn Powell responded: “Working for NC State Student Centers has encouraged me to find my niche through development in my work ethic, management skills, and relationships with my coworkers.”

Campus Enterprises is also rolling out a professional development series to help students feel more prepared for promotional opportunities. Topics will include: managing your peers, task delegation and dealing with conflict. Annaka Sikkink, the student employee development & success specialist for Campus Enterprises, is designing the workshops and knows first-hand just how important these transferable skills can be.

“I got my first full-time job out of college because of my student employment experience,” she reported. “I’m excited we can support our students in learning critical thinking and leadership skills through their on-campus jobs.”

Students interested in building their leadership skills with Campus Enterprises can learn more at the On-Campus Job and Leadership Fair, a partnership between New Student Programs, Campus Enterprises and the Center for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service, February 21 in Talley Student Union. Or they can apply for open positions at go.ncsu.edu/ce-jobs.


NC State Mascots - Mr. and Ms. Wuf - strut around campus in their new NC State tartan: Pack Plaid

Pack Plaid Debuts at Homecoming Textile Bowl; Wolfpack Outfitters

Attention Wolfpack fans with an affinity for Scottish tartan or a desire to show off some style: NC State now has an official tartan — Pack Plaid — and it’s now available at Wolfpack Outfitters on a variety of products.

The tartan was designed by Kathleen Kelly ‘14 during her time in the NC State College of Textiles. She entered her sophisticated pattern in black, dark gray, red and white in a contest to represent NC State on the Scottish Registry of Deeds, the official Scottish register of tartans.

According to NC State College of Textiles Professor Cynthia Istook, who created and implemented the Pack Plaid contest, Kelly’s design was the clear winner. From 30 student submissions, university faculty and administrators chose four patterns as semi-finalists; next, alumni and members of the public ranked their favorites.

“Kathleen actually had more than one design chosen to be in the top four,” said Istook. “Her (winning tartan) was the one that came out on top — significantly — with well more than 50 percent of the votes.”

Her inspiration was tailored menswear, and she designed her tartan to augment the Wolfpack fan’s existing wardrobe.

“So much of the paraphernalia that’s sold for NC State is predominantly red,” she said. “So I thought that doing something with the gray or black background and just accents of red would coordinate better with the other things that are offered in the bookstore.”

NC State’s official on-campus bookstore – Wolfpack Outfitters – currently carries ceramic mugs, coasters, luggage tags, key fobs and t-shirts bearing the Pack Plaid. “We are also expecting to add cashmere scarves and other new items soon,” said Jeff Halliburton, director of NC State Stores.

According to Halliburton, these products will be carried not only in the Talley Student Union store, but also online at shop.ncsu.edu and at Gameday concession stands in Carter-Finley Stadium and the PNC Arena.

Fans can also look for Mr. and Ms. Wuf to be sporting the new pack plaid at the NC State vs. Clemson home football game on November 5.

NC State Trademark Licensing Encourages Wolfpack Fans to Buy Licensed Products

Trademarks — like Tuffy (the Strutting Wolf) and the Block S — are valuable assets to NC State not only in brand-building but also to student scholarship revenues. Up to $1 million of proceeds from the sale of trademarked products is contributed annually to five scholarship funds, all of which are generated from trademark royalties from the companies licensed to supply fans with approved products.

The NC State Trademark Licensing office partnered with NC State University Communications to create a video encouraging fans to look for the label when buying NC State-branded products to ensure they are not unwittingly lining the pockets of trademark “pirates.” Every officially licensed product will have a special hang tag or hologram sticker marking it as a “Collegiate Licensed Product.”

“The Internet is full of pop-up stores on Amazon and Alibaba websites as well as sketchy Facebook advertisements touting NC State-branded products that are not licensed by the university,” said Gregg Zarnstorff, NC State Trademark Licensing director. “Sometimes these products don’t represent the university’s brand in a positive way; other times they’re paired with other licensed brands such as Peanuts® characters or superheroes, so they are infringing on two brands at the same time. Some bootleg products can even put a student athlete’s NCAA standings in jeopardy when their name or likeness is used without permission.

“Meanwhile, the ‘pirates’ are taking the full profit on a product that hurts our brand,” Zarnstorff added. “While we pursue these infringers on the supply side in legal channels, the new video and ad campaign target the demand side and inform NC State fans of the need to be selective in their purchases if they truly support the mission of the university.”

Royalty proceeds fund merit- and need-based scholarships, athletic scholarships, study abroad programs and scholarships for children of NC State faculty and staff attending the university.

The video is being promoted on social media via NC State’s main channels and Wolfpack Fans, a facebook page run by NC State Trademark Licensing. It is also being aired at athletic events, such as home football games at Carter-Finley Stadium.

“We want fans to know the importance of buying licensed gear, and we hope they will spread the word to other NC State fans who share our desire to ensure contributions to these important funds are maximized,” said Zarnstorff.

For more information and to view the video, visit go.ncsu.edu/look-for-label.


Campus Enterprises Introduces Fast Feedback

Campus Enterprises, NC State’s retail and hospitality division, recently launched a new program to garner quick feedback its service and offerings.

“We want to start a two-way conversation with our students, staff and visitors to ensure we are listening to their needs and using that information to improve our services, but we also wanted it to be quick, easy and fun,” said Jennifer Gilmore, director of marketing and communication for Campus Enterprises. “We created a program where we offer up a few new questions each week to get a pulse on customer satisfaction and provide some small rewards along the way for their participation as long as they provide an email address.”

Questions are designed to garner feedback as well as gauge awareness of some of the programs Campus Enterprises offers. “For example, you might see a question about whether or not students know we have a bakery on campus and that they can order birthday cakes. Or if they were aware that they could use their Dining Dollars at the Terrace Dining Room at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course,” Gilmore added.

The survey is also for faculty and staff. “Not everyone uses Snapchat, so the survey can also be accessed at go.ncsu.edu/fast-feedback.”


NC State Campus Enterprises Adds Senior Director

The division of Campus Enterprises at NC State announces the addition of Rich Steele as its senior director for auxiliary services. Steele joins NC State after an extended professional career at Georgia Tech, where he held progressively responsible administrative roles, most recently as senior director for auxiliary services.

In his new role, Steele joins a leadership team for the division that provides retail and hospitality services to the campus. His specific areas of oversight within Campus Enterprises includes NC State Stores, University Student Centers, golf course operations, financial services, and facility operations and planning.

“We’re especially pleased to have recruited someone of Rich’s expertise. His experience with a similar portfolio of auxiliary operations will enable him to quickly establish himself as part of our leadership team,” said Dr. Dan Adams, associate vice chancellor for Campus Enterprises. “Rich is not only well known for his administrative and strategic planning but also for his dedication to the student experience. He will be a great addition to helping us provide a comprehensive approach to campus services.

Steele has also been active in professional associations, holding a variety of leadership positions with the National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS) and the Association of College Unions International during his career. He has served as the NACAS South Region President in 2016-2017 and the NACAS 2012 Annual Conference Program Chair, and served two terms on the ACUI Board of Trustees, serving as president in 2008-2009. He has presented over 50 sessions/keynotes at national and regional conferences and institutes.

At Georgia Tech, Steele has received the 2015 SGA Dean James E. Dull Administrator of the Year Award, 2014 Student Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni Award, 2014 GT Student Ambassadors Outstanding Staff Award, Graduate Student Senate Outstanding Administrator Award in 2011, the ACUI Region 6 Bill Rion Outstanding Staff Award, and the Inaugural ACUI Region 6 “Richard Steele, Jr. Distinguished Service Award”. He has also served as a trustee on the Georgia Tech Alumni Association Board. Upon leaving Georgia Tech, Steele has been honored with the establishment of the “Rich Steele Campus Service Award” to recognize Georgia Tech staff members or business partners who demonstrate a commitment to creating a positive experience for Georgia Tech students.

Steele earned a degree in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech and has earned the Certified Auxiliary Services Professional (CASP) advanced certification. He started his new position July 1, 2017. He and his wife Patti are native Atlantans and have three children, Sam, Katie and Emily.


Jeff Halliburton, NC State Bookstore Director

Jeff Halliburton Named Director, NC State Bookstores

Jeff Halliburton has been named director of the NC State Bookstores, Campus Enterprises announced recently. 

“We’re glad to have Jeff bring his skill set to the Campus Enterprises team and more specifically to the bookstores operation,” said Dr. Dan Adams, associate vice chancellor, Campus Enterprises. “With his expertise in retail campus bookstores combined with our state-of-the-art facilities the campus community can look forward to an even higher level of engagement.”

Halliburton brings extensive college store experience, having spent the last 13 years at the University Co-op serving the University of Texas at Austin, most recently as vice president of operations and human resources. As the new bookstores director, he is charged with the overall financial and strategic operations of the bookstores, including leadership of the flagship Wolfpack Outfitters store located in the Talley Student Union; the Pack Shop located on NC State’s Centennial Campus; Wolf Xpress, the in-house print production and course pack department; State of the Art, a unique print-on-demand clothing division, which designs artistic Wolfpack-licensed products; and the Athletics Concessions arm supporting apparel and gift retail at major sporting events.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to start a new challenge with NC State and am looking forward to working with the outstanding team and foundation of excellence that is in place,” said Halliburton. “We will develop and provide the resources required to support the learning needs of a cutting-edge University and develop the experiential retail environments that a loyal and dedicated fan base expect.”

To learn more about NC State Campus Enterprises, visit campusenterprises.ncsu.edu.