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Symbols, icons, traditions and trademarks – such as the Block S, Tuffy the Strutting Wolf and Mr. Wuf – have come to represent the passion of NC State’s alumni, fans, students and student athletes. Trademark Licensing seeks to protect these marks, promote the university through the use of these marks, and generate revenue through licensed trademark royalties. These royalties help fund scholarships and the NC State endowment.

Our emphasis on expanding our network of commercial licensees, coupled with an expanding fanbase, has increased our trademark royalties by 44 percent over the past three years and averaged more than $1 million each year. We also work with more than 400 student organizations and campus departments to include NC State’s trademarks on t-shirts or promotional items so the message is in tune with the university’s policies and image.

We spearhead two annual contests to recognize NC State fans who best embody the Wolfpack spirit: The Tailgate Championship during football season at Carter-Finley Stadium, and the FanCave Challenge in February. Fans enjoy the opportunity to compete for recognition, elevating the brand amongst our core constituency.

It took 125 years for us to build our brand; we protect it, promote it, and ensure the university will continue to benefit from it for years to come.

Did you know?

  • The trademark licensing program at NC State began in 1982-83. The first year’s total royalties were $91,806.
  • We now work with more than 450 commercial licensees and review more than 5,000 designs that incorporate NC State trademarks each year.
  • The first known published use of “Wolfpack” as a team name was on September 26, 1921. Tuffy’s (the Strutting Wolf trademark) hat has changed along with the university. Initially it had “NCS” printed across its front, then in 1966 it became NCSU. In updating to the current Tuffy logo, the NCSU was changed to NC STATE in 2005.

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Trademark Licensing is a service of Campus Enterprises, the lead division for retail and hospitality at NC State.