True Leadership and Inspiration


I must confess, I’m in search of inspiration. Not inspiration to do something, or inspiration to persevere (which sometimes many of us need), but inspiration to motivate. I continue to envision one university, one State, and one nation. I’ve often asked what it would take for us as a nation to unify. Sometimes we see in movies, the world facing annihilation, and people with different faiths and different perspectives unifying. But lofty thoughts, desires, and goals aside. What would motivate NC State to unify? Are we unified? Sure, we play Duke, Carolina, and other ACC schools and rally together to cheer against them…but what about in the classroom? On the Brickyard? Between fraternities and sororities? What would it take for us all to share a common goal of inevitable success? My goal is simple: I want to lead and I want to inspire. I want to bring to the attention of as many people as possible what a great school we are all a part of. One that affords us limitless opportunity with almost as many resources. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of something special, and I want to pay-it-forward.

What does it mean to be inspired? We’ve all watched great speeches in movies, or listened to Presidents speak, but what is the definition of that success? It is the ability for the speaker to connect with the listener. The difficulty lies in the fact that each and every listener has something unique going on in their heads. No two people have the same upbringing or the same lifestyle, so the key is to be receptive to that and try to relate to everyone through a common denominator. I am reaching out to NC State Students. We can do more.

Today is the day after we lost to Duke in Men’s Basketball. This might upset many of us, including me, but the reality is, there is so much more that goes on that we can be proud of. For example, today is Friday! But seriously, we have so much opportunity everywhere that it would be a shame to drown our sorrows in this basketball game anymore. That being said, they better hope they don’t see us in the ACC tournament!

I want to create a mass following, and I want to dictate trends. I was NC State Bookstores to flourish so it can return more money to the students in the form of scholarships. I want the campus to be covered in red on Fridays. I want the passion, the fire, and the strength we have as a universal body to shine through. Reach out to me, tell me how I can help spread awareness for your cause. Tell me what’s important to you as an individual or a representation of an organization. Let’s change the world together. It all starts here.