NC State Ranked Among Top 50 Best College Dining Experiences


College Rank, a website dedicated to evaluating and ranking college life and academics, has released a list of the Top 50 College Dining Experiences, with N.C. State University listed at No. 31. Hundreds of college dining programs across the nation were evaluated based on several categories, including versatility, health and wellness. In addition, sustainability efforts and accommodations for students with special dietary needs were also considered in the ranking process.

NC State Dining was ranked at No. 31 for its commitment to sustainability through waste reduction, special events at the dining halls, and nutrition program initiatives. For a small, one-time fee, students can purchase a reusable eco-friendly to-go container, which can be traded for a clean container at the next visit. Alternatively, students may return the container in exchange for a token to redeem at the next to-go purchase. NC State also participates in recycling, composting, recycling cooking oil, trayless dining, and other waste-reduction practices. The dining service hosts special events each year, such as the Thanksgiving Feast, Farm Feast, and All-Carolinas meals. Clark and Case dining halls each have an online menu, complete with nutrition and common allergen information. To better enable sick students to stay quarantined and comfortable, get-well meal kits are readily available and stocked with non-perishable food items and drinks.

The full ranking can be viewed online at College Rank ( began in 2014 with a mission to help potential and current students navigate the labyrinth of higher education choices in the United States.

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