Celebrating our Building Services Team


Behind every beautiful NC State building, there is a team of people making sure that it stays tidy and clean for use, day in and day out. The Student Centers housekeeping staff is a separate group from the rest of the University called Facility Enhancement. They are often overlooked by students and faculty alike but remain vital to the success and functionality of our campus, as well as to keeping everyone who enters campus healthy and happy. Facility Enhancement Technicians take their job seriously and complete it with care every day so that every building around NC State’s campus is as clean as possible. 

Held every year during the second full week of September, International Housekeepers and Environmental Services Week is dedicated to recognizing the efforts of hard-working custodial and building services staff members. NC State Student Centers took time this year to celebrate the Building Services Team which includes the Facilities Enhancement Team (Housekeeping) and Loading Dock. The FE team provides 20 hr, 7 days a week coverage of the Student Centers to ensure a clean, safe, and welcoming environment. Everyone that enjoys these spaces is encouraged to reach out to technicians and thank them for the work that they do to keep our Student Centers beautiful. 

NC State Student Centers Facility Enhancement team poses with Chancellor Woodson and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Charles Maimone during International Housekeeping and Environmental Services Week 2021

Kenneth Dowdy and Breche Mazzi from the Facility Enhancement team told me that words of appreciation and kindness go a long way. NC State has an incredibly diverse group of people working on the Facility Enhancement team and Dowdy and Mazzi suggested that students and faculty try to reach out and get to know the members they see regularly. They said that it reminds Facility Enhancement Technicians how important and valued their job is, as well as demonstrating the direct impact it has on campus. The effort it takes to maintain such a beautiful and healthy campus is often overlooked, that is until it’s needed– as demonstrated in the last few years with the pandemic, so acknowledgment can make a team member’s day.

Another way to show appreciation and gratitude toward the Facility Enhancement Technicians and Building Services Team is by simply making their job easier by being courteous to them. Pick up after yourself whether you’ve been eating or just hanging out, especially in areas with high traffic from students and the public. Students are also encouraged to help reduce their waste around campus and dispose of it properly. Small actions can make a world of difference.