2024 Orientation with Campus Enterprises

Welcome to the Pack!

Welcome to the Pack! From your friends at Campus Enterprises, we want you to know we’re so glad you’re here.

You’ll have lots of choices to make in the coming weeks – including selecting meal plans, ordering course materials, and maybe even exploring student employment opportunities. We’re here to help!

This quick guide was designed to walk you through some of the options available to you… as well as to give you a chance to get to know us a little better.
Still have questions? We get it! Email us at campus-enterprises@ncsu.edu, and we’ll do our best to get you the information you need to set you up for success!

id card Wolfpack One Card

One Card. Endless Opportunities.

The Wolfpack One Card is your key to accessing multiple services across campus without carrying multiple keys or cards. Use the Wolfpack One Card to:

  • Make on-campus purchases through your All Campus account
  • Access your NC State Dining meal plan
  • Gain admittance to student activities and events
  • Access the Wellness & Recreation Center and Carmichael Gym facilities 
  • Enter your residence hall and other buildings with restricted access 
  • Check out materials at NC State Libraries  
  • Link the card to a PNC account to make pin-based transactions (optional)

Using your card

  • Your Wolfpack One Card has your photo on it, so no one else can use it.
  • Spending accounts are accessed using the card’s red stripe.
  • Purchases are debited from the account you choose at the time of purchase.
  • Access to your residence hall or other restricted area is gained by waving the card over a gray panel near the door.

Protecting your card

  • Find a way to carry your card for ease of use and, at the same time, protect it from scratches, loss or theft. Lanyards and keychain wallets are popular and effective options.
  • Lost or stolen cards should be reported during regular business hours to 919.515.3090 or any time at onecard.ncsu.edu/lost. Lost or damaged cards can be replaced for a $20 fee.

Upload your photo

If you haven’t done so already, upload your photo at go.ncsu.edu/upload-id-photo before arriving on campus for orientation to ensure your card is ready to be picked up.

AllCampus Account

This is a purely optional account associated with the Wolfpack One Card, which makes it convenient to budget and make on-campus purchases. There’s no charge to set up an All Campus Account, and there are no transaction fees. Your balance transfers from year to year, and when you close your account, the balance is refunded.

  • NC State Dining locations
  • Wolfpack Outfitters
  • Wolf Xpress Print and Copy
  • Student Health Services
  • Wolfprint (campus wireless printers)
  • NC State Transportation
  • Campus vending machines

While many of these locations and services take other forms of payment, All Campus is the only form of payment accepted by Wolfprint. If you plan to use this convenient printing method, add funds to the account.

Make a deposit

Deposits can be made by mail or in person at the Wolfpack One Card office in Talley Student Union. Deposits made using a credit card* must be made online or in person. No minimum deposit is required, but balances cannot exceed $1,500.
*A nominal charge is incurred when making a credit card deposit using our online portal. For fee-free credit card deposits, stop by the Wolfpack One Card Office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Manage On-Campus Accounts

Log onto my.onecard.ncsu.edu to manage both dining and All Campus accounts in one convenient place. You can set up guest access, view transactions, make deposits, set low-balance alerts, and report a lost/stolen card.


utensils NC State Dining

NC State Dining offers an award-winning college dining experience with something fresh and healthy around every corner. Consult our website to explore our myriad options across campus.

Flex Plans

We designed our Flex plans with you in mind! All first-year students living on campus (including on-campus apartments) are automatically enrolled in the Flex 500 plan. If you’d like, beginning July 10, 2024, you can upgrade to the Flex 800 plan. Either way, both Flex 500 and 800 plans provide various dining options and ways to access meals and snacks throughout the day!

FLEX 500

$2,655 + tax / semester

  • All-day access to our dining halls*
  • One dining hall/One Earth takeout meal per day
  • 2 dining hall guest passes (per semester)
  • 500 dining dollars (per semester)

FLEX 800

$2,890 + tax / semester

  • All-day access to our dining halls*
  • One dining hall/One Earth takeout meal per day
  • 3 dining hall guest passes (per semester)
  • 800 dining dollars (per semester)

*The all-day access included with the Flex 500 and Flex 800 plans requires that 30 minutes pass between each dining hall swipe.

Flex plans are available to all students, but returning, transfer and students living in fraternity/sorority housing can choose from additional plans. Visit our website for details. Students on an athletic roster should consult their coach to select an athletic meal plan.


Dining Halls

Flex Plan Swipes or Block Meals

Just one card swipe at our dining halls, and you can eat as much or as little as you like. No need to think about how much you are spending here! Enjoy a variety of entrées, sides, soups, salads, fruit and dessert, including Howling Cow soft-serve ice cream, all for one meal swipe.

All Locations


Our dining halls offer mouth-watering entrees and decadent desserts. Flex Plan holders get all-day access to the dining halls and one takeout meal per day to use in the dining halls or One Earth in Talley Student Union.

Your plan also comes with dining hall guest meals. Dining Dollars are also accepted at these locations.


From sushi to smoothies, we have options across campus to fuel you from sun up to sun down. You can even use your meal plan to make vending machine purchases! All of these accept Dining Dollars, with a 5% discount on every purchase.

Unspent Dining Dollars roll over to the spring semester, but all Dining Dollars expire at the end of the academic year.


Meal plans are processed through the cashier’s office each semester. All plans are subject to a 7.25% NC sales tax, which is reflected separately from the plan on your cashier’s office bill. Students buying food with their meal plan will not be charged tax at the point of purchase.

If you have scholarship or financial aid funds, you can apply them to your plan. Plans are priced per semester and billed through the cashier’s office beginning July 10.

Note: Students have a limited window each semester to test and adjust their meal plan. The deadlines for fall and spring semesters are September 15, 2024, and February 1, 2025, respectively. A $250 cancellation fee applies after these cut-off dates.

Mobile Ordering

Ordering in our restaurants and cafés is easy through the Grubhub App. Download the app, connect it to your student ID/meal plan and familiarize yourself with all of your dining options before coming to campus!

Follow these steps:

  • Download the app to mobile device.
  • Create a Grubhub account.
  • Go to My Grubhub > Settings > Campus Dining > Choose NC State
  • Add student Unity ID number to directly link meal plan or All Campus account to Grubhub orders.
  • Select NCSU Campus Card as the default payment source.

Nutrition + Wellness

We place a special emphasis on providing wholesome food and nutrition information to help you pursue a healthy lifestyle that can be embraced long after your time at NC State. Our award-winning nutrition team ensures you have a positive experience when you eat with the Pack.

Allergies + Intolerances

Your health and wellness are important to us! To that end, our dining team offers a wide variety of wholesome options and nutritional guidance to help you make informed choices about what you eat. 

As a diverse institution with students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, we are committed to ensuring every member of our Pack has a place at our table. We work to accommodate various dietary needs and restrictions and give students options to try new foods and explore new cuisines. 


In all of our dining locations, we mark the nine major food allergens (dairy, gluten/wheat, eggs, fish/shellfish, peanuts/tree nuts, soy, sesame), as well as items that contain pork or pork derivatives. 


We provide various delicious vegan, vegetarian and halal options, which we mark with the above icons. 


Identifying healthy options shouldn’t be a hassle. We make it easy for you to find foods that are “Wolf-Approved” – meaning these items are low in calories and fat, and never include trans fats. Look for the Wolf-Approved paw print icon across campus on menu boards, vending machines, and in our C-Stores to help identify healthy items and snacks.

If you have food allergies, intolerances or other special dietary needs, schedule a consultation with our registered dietitian, Lauren Smith, at 919.513.5310 or lasmit24@ncsu.edu. You can also access our Food Allergy Guide at go.ncsu.edu/allergy-guide and connect with the Safe Eats Allergy Support Group at go.ncsu.edu/allergy-support-group.


laptop Wolfpack Outfitters

Wolfpack Outfitters is the official NC State student store. Shop in-store or online at shop.ncsu.edu.


Wolfpack Outfitters offers business-class computers by Apple, Dell and Lenovo that are guaranteed to meet or exceed the university’s recommendations. Our computers automatically include:

  • Three years of extended manufacturer’s warranty coverage
  • Three years of accidental damage coverage
  • Nationwide access to manufacturer-authorized service
  • Priority loaner computer access while on campus

Each model qualifies for education discounts, technical support, and warranty repair from the OIT Walk-In Center, which is located on campus in the West Dunn Building.

Course Materials

Wolfpack Outfitters is the go-to spot when shopping for your course materials. After you have registered for your classes, go to MyPack Portal or to Wolfpack Outfitters’ website and view your course material list.

Your Custom List

Once you have your class schedule, look for an email with instructions on how to access your comprehensive course material list. It will also include additional materials your instructor recommends or may be available in alternate print or digital formats.

  • To use financial aid or scholarship funds, select the Financial Aid option during the online checkout at shop.ncsu.edu.
  • Order early to have everything you need on the first day of class.
  • Some classes have many options available, including new print, used print and e-books.

All-In Program

The All-In program delivers digital course materials on or before the first day of class that are linked through your course Moodle page. This option gives you online access to course materials early for a limited time to test out the materials. To maintain access for the semester, students will need to purchase All-In materials before the trial period ends.

Wolf Xpress

Located on the lower level of Wolfpack Outfitters in Talley Student Union, Wolf Xpress can support all of your copy, printing and presentation needs, including:

  • Resumes and business cards
  • Brochures, posters and tri-fold displays
  • Comb or spiral-bound reports
  • Cards and stationery
  • Portfolios and more!

Design Den

The Design Den at Wolfpack Outfitters is your hub for personalized apparel. We offer:

  • Custom Creations: Express yourself with made-to-order and one-off t-shirt printing.
  • Online Catalog: Explore our diverse designs or submit your own unique ideas.
  • One-of-a-Kind Apparel: Bring us your design and we can bring your vision to life.

Visit us in-store or contact Rich Lombardi (designden@ncsu.edu) to start creating your unique look today!

Wolfpack Outfitters

job searchJobs

  • Working for Campus Enterprises offers the convenience of working on campus, and it even qualifies for work-study.
  • Positions start at $10/hour. Most students work 10-15 hours a week, with opportunities to advance and earn more. Students who work in NC State Dining operations also receive one free meal per shift and can earn a $200 retention bonus each semester.
  • Apply as early as June for your position of choice. If you live in the Raleigh area, you are eligible to start during the summer in some positions to get acclimated early! Remember that we hire throughout the year, so apply at any time.