Change for the better

For those of you who haven’t heard of the One Change campaign that NC State Dining has started, you should look into it. This is truly the opportunity to make a difference. All it takes is one change in your life and your lifestyle can be forever altered for the positive.  I already have my own goals set for myself, I have my own passion and my own fire, and I won’t stop until I reach those things. However, my goals are ever-changing, and therefore I can’t reach them. It’s how I keep myself motivated. Success is a perception, not an finish line. For those of you who take One Change seriously. That’s fantastic. If the campaign inspires one person to make a change for the better, then it was successful.

Let’s, for a second, consider the implications of this program. If you see it, and decide that you want to do something different, then what can that do for you? It doesn’t have to be drinking an extra bottle of water every day, or walking up steps instead of taking an elevator, or even having an apple a day that you weren’t having before. But the important thing is even if it is something as simple as cutting out soda, or removing unhealthy aspects of your diet, you can make a huge different. Perhaps, this change is something as simple as the consideration that you want to do more, be better, be more influential. From a young age I knew that I had the desire and the passion to do great things. First I wanted to be a lawyer, and while that didn’t happen, my desire to persuade and convince ultimately did. I decided I would pursue, like my father, the route of marketing. Why? Not because my Dad was (and is) so good at it, not because he would be (and has been) a fantastic mentor, not because my Mom was (and is) phenomenal at PR. No, it was none of those reasons. The reason was because I wanted to change the world. But changing the world doesn’t happen overnight, and unlike what most people think, changing the world isn’t affecting all seven billion people either. Consider any ecosystem that we learned about in high school, one change to that ecosystem, and it is forever altered. I want to make that one change in other people’s lives. I want to influence people to be better.

So don’t look at the One Change program as something else to shrug off, much like we all do do with the hundreds of thousands of campaigns we are barraged with almost daily, consider it a calling to be better. I look at it as a reminder of what my goal is: to make the world a better place than it was before me. Now while this was a great reference to what NC State Dining has done to make an impact, allow me to talk about the Bookstore for a moment:

This week marks a week of renewed tradition. Balfour representatives are on campus for Ring Week! If you have 60 hours or more, you are eligible to order your NC State class ring. Tradition, while sometimes referred to as a limitation, is still valuable. Don’t look back in future years and wish you had ordered one, the time is now. So head to the Bookstore this week and check them out! Hey, maybe you’ll end up getting something you didn’t expect to.