Human Resources
The HR Team provides expertise in human resource administration, position control and classification, recruitment and hiring, payroll, leave administration, performance management, and training and development for all employees.

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Campus Enterprises offers opportunities for employment across our retail and hospitality units. We offer competitive pay, flexible schedules, and opportunities for learning, growth and promotion.

HR Calendar: Payroll deadlines, University Resources and HR Updates
July 19, 2018
  • Approve time and clear KABA exceptions by 5 PM TODAY for temps and students.

    All hours worked for Pay Period 20192R02 (6/30 - 7/13) must be approved by 5 pm today in order to pay out on July 27.

HR Team
Kristie Juda, NC State
Kristie Juda, HR Manager

  • Responsible for all aspects of HR
  • Strategic planning and management of CE HR Department
  • Back-Up for Linda and Liza, in their absence – 919.515.6353

Linda Marciniak, Senior HR Generalist

  • Manages employment team
  • Processes SHRA/EHRA position requests and reclassifications
  • Oversees SHRA/EHRA recruitment and hiring
  • Point of contact for FMLA, shared leave, short and long-term disability, and worker’s comp
  • Provides back-up support for Adrienne, in her absence – 919.515.9374

Liza Shelton, Workforce Development Specialist

  • Point of contact for performance management process
  • Assists with employee relations issues, including investigations and disciplinary actions
  • Creates and delivers training content for temporary and permanent employees – 919.515.6351

Adrienne Ellis, Payroll Specialist

  • Point of contact for all time and leave data entry, KABA and WolfTime
  • Point of contact for all payroll inquiries
  • Processes all employee separations – 919.515.6352

Roslynn Bartley, Employment Specialist

  • Recruitment and hiring for all temporary dining employees
  • Back-up support for Michelle, in her absence – 919.513.1336

Michelle Pitts, Employment Specialist

  • Recruitment and hiring for student and temporary employees in all CE non-dining units
  • Back-up support for Roslynn and Caitlin, in their absence – 919.515.7104

Caitlin Williams, Employment Specialist

  • Recruitment and hiring for all student employees in Dining
  • Back-up support for Michelle, in her absence – 919.513.1589

Annaka Sikkink, Student Employee Development and Success Specialist

  • Training and development for student employees
  • Chair, Student Employment Committee
  • Collaborates with CE HR on student retention initiatives
  • Manages CE student employee ambassador program – 919.515.8854