Lonnie Poole Golf Course Adopts New Mascot


In furthering its partnership with the North Carolina State University, the Lonnie Poole Golf Course at NC State has partnered with The Department of Marketing (DofM) to create an illustrated golfing wolf named “Dogleg.”  Dogleg the Wolf is a laid-back, cool character.  While he sports the familiar red and black of the Wolfpack, he also dons a retro look with his knickers and Irish cap.

Instrumental in getting this secondary logo approved was Gregg Zarnstorff, Director of Trademark Licensing for N.C. State University.  “’Tuffy, the Strutting Wolf’ registered trademark of NC State is  the only wolf on campus allowed to wear the Block “S” trademark,  so we worked out a solution where the golf bag carries the university’s trademarks.   This protects the integrity and uniqueness of the Tuffy mark and allows another wolf to join the pack.” said Zarnstorff.  All logos or likeness of brands that are to be associated with the university have to be approved prior to distribution.  The golf course logo had to go through this same process when it first opened so it could include the wolves running under the famous NC State block “S”.   Zarnstorff further explains “Royalty revenue from the new mascot like the original Lonnie Poole trademark will go to scholarships and also to build the endowment fund”.

“Having a mascot like Dogleg is another great way to brand our course, said Chip Watson, Lonnie Poole Golf Course’s General Manager. “While our main logo with the foursome of wolves is very recognizable, Dogleg can help bring more options for advertising and apparel opportunities.”

In partnering with the Lonnie Poole Golf course, managing partner of the DofM, George Wallace, stated, “To be able to create a unique illustration for a renowned golf course like Lonnie Poole is an honor, and to be associated with the Wolfpack is a huge bonus.”  Watson and Wallace have been in collaboration to create the Dogleg character since the course began construction in 2007, so to finally get it approved and displayed is exciting.  Dogleg the Wolf currently adorns the souvenir cups at the course snack bar; plans to use him in more unique ways are underway, so look for Dogleg next time you tee up at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course.