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Campus Enterprises was established as a part of the Office of Finance and Business in 2009 to unite NC State’s retail and hospitality organizations, leverage resources and build the organization’s collective capacity to serve the university’s growing needs.

In four short years, we’ve done big things. We’ve taken the lead on several major construction and renovation projects, created solutions to campus needs that didn’t exist before and built a reputation for collaboration and innovation. We also do our part to support the university by helping defray administrative costs and funding scholarships and student programming.

Not a day goes by when we aren’t making things better on the campus of NC State. Explore this booklet to learn more about our organizations, our recent projects and our plans for ongoing enhancement of the student experience.

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Our Goals

[ul style=”1″][li]Apply management practices and responsible planning to ensure excellent service, quality facilities and annual financial return for student support and merit- and need-based scholarships[/li][li]Provide students, faculty, staff and visitors with one-stop functionality[/li][li]Identify retail hospitality and student-service opportunities that continually improve customer experiences [/li][li]Respond to service requests in a prioritized and prompt manner[/li][li]Emphasize and develop resources that enhance the student experience and offer on-the-job training[/li][li]Put the best ideas into action by encouraging input from employees at all levels or member organizations [/li]
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Did you know?

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[li]Campus Enterprises employs 532 NC State students, 446 non-student, temporary employees and 224 full-time staff.[/li]
[li]We have implemented a shared services model for human resources, facilities maintenance, accounting and marketing communications to support our eight service areas.[/li]
[li]We manage more than 650,000 square feet of space. [/li]
[li]Since 2010, we have returned more than $4.7 million to NC State students in the form of scholarships and student support programs and initiatives. [/li][/ul]
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Connect with us!

On the web:
By Email:
By Phone: 919.513.2424
In Person: Admin Services I, 2721 Sullivan Drive

For comments or suggestions, please contact:

Dr. Dan Adams, Associate Vice Chancellor
Phone:   919.513.2524