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Campus Enterprises Introduces Fast Feedback

Campus Enterprises, NC State’s retail and hospitality division, recently launched a new program to garner quick feedback its service and offerings.

“We want to start a two-way conversation with our students, staff and visitors to ensure we are listening to their needs and using that information to improve our services, but we also wanted it to be quick, easy and fun,” said Jennifer Gilmore, director of marketing and communication for Campus Enterprises. “We created a program where we offer up a few new questions each week to get a pulse on customer satisfaction and provide some small rewards along the way for their participation as long as they provide an email address.”

Questions are designed to garner feedback as well as gauge awareness of some of the programs Campus Enterprises offers. “For example, you might see a question about whether or not students know we have a bakery on campus and that they can order birthday cakes. Or if they were aware that they could use their Dining Dollars at the Terrace Dining Room at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course,” Gilmore added.

The survey is also for faculty and staff. “Not everyone uses Snapchat, so the survey can also be accessed at”


NC State Campus Enterprises Adds Senior Director

The division of Campus Enterprises at NC State announces the addition of Rich Steele as its senior director for auxiliary services. Steele joins NC State after an extended professional career at Georgia Tech, where he held progressively responsible administrative roles, most recently as senior director for auxiliary services.

In his new role, Steele joins a leadership team for the division that provides retail and hospitality services to the campus. His specific areas of oversight within Campus Enterprises includes NC State Stores, University Student Centers, golf course operations, financial services, and facility operations and planning.

“We’re especially pleased to have recruited someone of Rich’s expertise. His experience with a similar portfolio of auxiliary operations will enable him to quickly establish himself as part of our leadership team,” said Dr. Dan Adams, associate vice chancellor for Campus Enterprises. “Rich is not only well known for his administrative and strategic planning but also for his dedication to the student experience. He will be a great addition to helping us provide a comprehensive approach to campus services.

Steele has also been active in professional associations, holding a variety of leadership positions with the National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS) and the Association of College Unions International during his career. He has served as the NACAS South Region President in 2016-2017 and the NACAS 2012 Annual Conference Program Chair, and served two terms on the ACUI Board of Trustees, serving as president in 2008-2009. He has presented over 50 sessions/keynotes at national and regional conferences and institutes.

At Georgia Tech, Steele has received the 2015 SGA Dean James E. Dull Administrator of the Year Award, 2014 Student Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni Award, 2014 GT Student Ambassadors Outstanding Staff Award, Graduate Student Senate Outstanding Administrator Award in 2011, the ACUI Region 6 Bill Rion Outstanding Staff Award, and the Inaugural ACUI Region 6 “Richard Steele, Jr. Distinguished Service Award”. He has also served as a trustee on the Georgia Tech Alumni Association Board. Upon leaving Georgia Tech, Steele has been honored with the establishment of the “Rich Steele Campus Service Award” to recognize Georgia Tech staff members or business partners who demonstrate a commitment to creating a positive experience for Georgia Tech students.

Steele earned a degree in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech and has earned the Certified Auxiliary Services Professional (CASP) advanced certification. He started his new position July 1, 2017. He and his wife Patti are native Atlantans and have three children, Sam, Katie and Emily.



NC State NC State Dining named College Innovator of the Year

Raleigh, N.C. (June 29, 2015) – NC State Dining at NC State University has been chosen as Food Management magazine’s 2015 College Innovator of the Year in their June 2015 issue.

This award recognizes the nation’s most forward-thinking college dining service each year and is the latest accolade for NC State’s award-winning, self-operated dining services. In 2013 NC State Dining received the Grand Goldie for Best Sustainable Practices and in 2014 also received awards Top College & University Foodservice Innovators, Top 15 Healthiest Non-Commercial FoodService and Food Service Director of the Month (for Senior Director of Hospitality Services, Randy Lait) all from FoodService Magazine.

NC State NC State Dining has been particularly busy over the past four years, developing five new concepts and adding three commercial brands in the new Talley Student Union, developing the multi-concept On the Oval on Centennial Campus, renovating its Atrium Food Court and adding an ice cream and a smoothie shop.

Speaking on this success, Lait was quick to focus on the dynamic and committed team at NC State Dining.  “NC State is known nationally for innovation, and we are always working to ensure that our dining programs are on the forefront of that innovation. We want the Wolfpack community to know that we never stop exploring new ways to serve them.”

NC State Dining is a department of Campus Enterprises, the lead division for retail and hospitality on the NC State campus.

Talley Wolf

Talley Turns Heads

If the commencement weekend traffic was any indication, the rebuilt Talley Student Union will become the hoped-for heart and soul of NC State’s campus for students, staff, faculty and visitors.

After more than two years of renovation, the second phase of construction is finished and the union is open for all to see. That doesn’t, of course, mean the $120 million project is complete, says Tim Hogan, director of NC State student centers.

The building won’t likely be fully functional until students return in August, but the doors are open, the chancellor’s seal is in place at the Cates Street entrance and the three-story tall wolf trellis is ready for photographers.

The union opened on Friday, in time for a chancellor’s reception as part of commencement weekend.  [read full article]

May 14, 2015 – Tim Peeler, NC State News Services


Players Retreat Opens in the Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse on Centennial Campus

RALEIGH, NC (Jan. 30, 2014) – The Players Retreat, dining operator for the Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse, is now serving lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m daily and for catered events throughout the week. The full-service bar is also open from 11 6 p.m. daily.

The new clubhouse, located at 1509 Main Campus Drive on NC State’s Centennial Campus, opened in early January as a part of the Lonnie Poole Golf Course complex.

This is the second location for the iconic Raleigh restaurant, also known as the PR, which has operated on Oberlin Road near the intersection of Hillsborough Street since 1951. Patrons at the new “PR @ The Poole” can enjoy a $7.95 lunch menu, which includes burgers, cheese fries, chicken salad, wings and more. The NC State community can take advantage of a special deal from Jan. 31 – Feb. 21. Anyone who shows a valid NC State University ID will get 20 percent off his or her food and non-alcoholic beverage purchase.

“Right now, we’re starting with lunch, but we are looking to expand in the spring to breakfast during the week, dinner a few weeknights and brunch on Sunday,” said Richard Gusler, who owns the PR.

“We can also provide catered events. Whether it’s a relaxed barbecue, business lunch, wedding reception or seven-course meal, we can provide the food and atmosphere that your guests will love,” Gusler continued. “As the the temperatures climb in the spring, we can accommodate guests on the patio where we have an outdoor fireplace and fire pit with spectacular views of the Raleigh skyline. Put simply, it’s a country club experience without the membership fee.”

The Centennial Development, LLC, selected the Players Retreat out of a pool of 12 food service establishments based throughout the Triangle. CDLLC based its decision on the restaurant’s extensive food service experience, particularly regarding catering.

“We’re excited to have the PR become part of the Lonnie Poole Golf Course,” Dan Adams, associate vice chancellor of Campus Enterprises, said. “Their experience and enthusiasm will help create the optimal dining experience for all guests of the clubhouse.”

For more information about PR @ The Poole call 919.390.7802. For more information about the Lonnie Poole Golf Course and Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse, visit


Our new two-story clubhouse offers breath-taking views of the Raleigh skyline and first-class service to our golfers, diners, varsity golf teams and students studying professional golf management and turf management.

The clubhouse features a full-service restaurant, bar and catering, golf shop, public and Charter Partner locker rooms, meeting rooms, energy-efficient electric golf cart storage, and many other amenities.

No membership needed! Dining and golf are available to the public.

To book your event in the clubhouse, call 919.390.7802.

My First Blog Post!

Hello, Wolfpack Nation!

My name is Jessica Bronchick, and I’m a junior in Communicaion-Media here at NC State! You’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m writing this blog post. Well, today marks exactly one month since I started my internship here in the marketing department of Campus Enterprises. That feels just a bit crazy to say; in a way it seems like I’ve been here much longer, but in another way it feels like a month has already flown by! Anyway, since this is my first blog post, I guess I’ll just tell you a little bit about myself and how I got here. Here we go!

I was born and raised in south Florida, in the Fort Lauderdale area. I grew up a die-hard Florida State fan–I know, I know, ACC rivals, let the booing comence–in a household full of Florida Gators fans. Now if you have zero understanding of what that entails, imagine being the only State fan in a family of Tarheels. Yeah, it gets that kind of crazy. All my life, I dreamed of going to school at FSU…seriously, you should see the amount of Seminoles merch I still have lying around. That was my dream until, at the tender age of 14, my parents told my sister and me that we would be relocating to a small town right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Hah, yeah right mom and dad, nice joke! It wasn’t a joke. Five months later in August of 2007, we were living in North Carolina.

I’ll admit that I absolutely loathed it here for a solid year or so before I started to warm up to it, and the fact that I was more than likely going to be attending college here. Thanks, out-of-state tuition. So before I knew it, I was a high school junior and it was time to start looking at my options. I knew that I didn’t want to go to UNC-Charlotte because it was too close to home. I’m not really a big fan of the beach (“But you’re from Florida!”) so UNC-Wilmington was out of the question. And there was no possible way that I would be able to survive in the mountains and insane amounts of snow that grace Appalachian State. So I took a tour of NC State, and I fell in love.

I fell in love with the beautiful campus, and how Raleigh is the perfect combination of suburbs and big city, and how nice everyone I met was, and how there was this overwhelming feeling of Unity everywhere I went. I didn’t see Wolves walking around, I saw a Wolfpack. One Pack. My Pack.

So I submitted my application, and not too long after, I was accepted into NC State University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences as a major in Communication with a concentration in Media. A few months later and I was moving into my dorm in Sullivan Hall and starting my first semester of college. Um, what?

A lot happened for me in my first year. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to bore you, but basically I had some sort of revelation about what I want to do with my life, which involves some kind of mix of broadcast production, social media, marketing, and public relations. So I declared a minor in Business Administration the summer before my sophomore year, and that next spring I decided to join NC State’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Which leads me, finally, to how I ended up here. Every spring, PRSSA hosts its annual PR Day, a networking event that features panels of local public relations professionals. That is where I briefly met Jennifer Gilmore, the director of marketing and communication for Campus Enterprises. That night, I sent her an email with my resume, letting her know of my interest in interning with her department. A few days later, I received an email from some guy named Alex Barnett–maybe you’ve heard of him?–saying that he’d like me to interview for an internship with Campus Enterprises. So I did, and next thing I know I’m being offered the position. Come August 19th, and it’s my first day on the marketing team for the Bookstore. And now it’s September.  Crazy.

There’s so much constantly happening here and so much that CE and the Bookstore are coming up with to make students’ lives easier and more enriching. It really is a great organization to be a part of, and I’m excited to be on this blog now that will allow me to reach out to more people and let you all know more of what we’re doing here! I’ll try to post as regularly as possible about a range of topics, from different events happening within the Bookstore/CE, to what it means to be a Wolfpack fan.

Thanks for letting me bore you with my mini autobiography! To quote one of my heroes, Mr. Ron Burgundy… Stay classy, NC State.

Our best asset is our quality writers, each of whom possesses a minimum of a Master’s degree, while most are PhDs. Regardless of their specialization, their ability to take an obscure and difficult topic and create an excellent finished product is something only a select few can match. Some of our writers have written more than 1,000 essays and term papers for us, so you know you’re in good hands with

Oh, and GO PACK!

Gifts cards, Fire Pits, Free.

I must confess, I’m excited. Truly. Excited. Why? Because I can tell you what we’ve come up with…FINALLY. Are you ready? A rewards program. Not just ANY rewards program by the way, THE…REWARDS…PROGRAM. That’s right. The day is here I can tell you about this ground breaking endeavor we are about to pursue. Together. Ready for it? Let’s go. The name I can’t say, but it’s creative and catchy – trust me! This rewards program is comprehensive. Granted, the nuances and minor details have not yet been worked out, but here are the core components:

– Signing up is easy, we need your e-mail, and some other possible information.

– You get this sick looking card

– You also get a LEGIT tee shirt. Now, before you groan, roll your eyes, shake your head, or do any knee-jerk reaction to simulate doubt, check this out: the shirt…is cool. Yes, I said it. My 23 year old opinion has decided that it is a shirt I would actually wear. From a brand sensitive, image maintaining, self aware person such as me, you can take my word for it! Now let me preface (after I already typed) my previous statement with a note: my opinion ultimately is irrelevant. However, I am confident you will agree with me.

– You get a percentage off full price merchandise simply by joining…WHAT?! Yes, I said it. You get a percentage off, everything (with minor exceptions), at the Bookstore. This, my friends, is bold. It is not for the feint of heart, and it was shocking when I proposed it. But you know what? Go big or go home. Set goals…then demolish them, and guess what, I’m just getting started.

– With this card, and your purchases, you will accumulate points. These points will be accumulated regardless of what you buy. Some points may be doubled, some triple, some infin-tupled. (Yes, I made that word up).

– These points will be redeemable towards incredible prizes: Gift cards, iPads, iPods, Macbooks, Fire Pits, Corn Hole Tables, you name it (literally, name it, we’ll add it), and we will put it on the list. Someone suggested XBOX360, it is now there.

I need to go on a tangent about gift cards for a second. Gift cards are probably the greatest thing the Bookstore can give you. So when you laugh to yourself like I used to at the thought of a gift card, consider that this is literally FREE MONEY. Why? Gift cards work towards EVERYTHING in the Bookstore, EVERYTHING! That means: textbooks, school supplies, Apple products, Apple accessories, apparel, anything in the Bookstore can use gift cards. This means, that when it’s time to buy your textbooks, if you have enough points for a $100 gift card, YOUR BOOKS ARE $100 CHEAPER. Tangent concluded.

Now, if this isn’t the best promotion we’ve ever run (and it’s all year long), let me know, and I will retract my next statement: This is the best promotion we’ve ever run. Period. By the way, there’s more to come.

I am so sorry.

Really, I am. I almost can’t forgive myself, but I must for the sake of our blogging connection. FIVE DAYS? I’m ashamed of myself. I will make it up to my readers with an entry of epic proportions. One that breaks the mold for what a blog post should be. Are you ready? Let’s go.

First, big…meeting…today. This is it ladies and gentleman: the day. I don’t want to hype this up too much, but I’m going to. This is ground breaking and life altering. This will determine whether my pride and joy program will be implemented at NC State. This is my…okay you get it. Here’s the deal. I present one of my ideas today. A big idea. This idea will save you money, while rewarding you. It’s going to change the game for the Bookstore and propel them into the future, and we’re bringing you along with it. Prizes, money, awesomeness. Those are my three talking points, minus the awesomeness. The awesomeness is implied. I’ll release a few more thoughts that are related to my idea: iPads, Fire Pits, Corn Hole boards, more free. I’m treading on thin ice here, so I’ll leave it at that. But I promise you this, when I break this news, we’re going to go wild promoting it. I will at that point need your help, so keep it locked.

Next: Beyonce. I must say I was impressed yesterday. That feeling of American pride, glory, eternity, it was all there when she sang the Anthem in front of our President. Politics aside, it feels good to be an American. I could go on a tangent about how while we have our issues, and we’re divided on topics, we still live in the best nation on Earth, but I’m not going to. I will simply say that we are blessed with opportunities, and while we may not all agree on everything, hopefully we can agree that we love NC State, and NC State is in the United States. Therefore, by transitive property, we love the United States! Or at least I think it’s the transitive property, we’ve had some debate in the office on this so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I talked about identity, the gym, summer coming up, cutting, beastmode in some other posts. That lifestyle continues…dedication is the word of the day. What does it mean to be dedicated? I think there is a misconception between dedication and stupidity. Yes, they mean completely different things, but the point is, don’t be stupid in your pursuit of dedication. Don’t give up things you shouldn’t while thinking it’s what’s best for you. It isn’t. What is best for you is pursuing your goal every second of every day and having no regrets in the process. Think of the end result when you are faced with tough decisions, and be smart about it. The best advice I can give my readers is this: the right decision might not please everyone, but you need to be able to look yourself in the mirror and know you made the right call.


By the way, the Roll Pack shirts are not only awesome, they’re trending! Get yours at – Let’s blanket the Carolina game so ESPN can see our pride!

New record!

The time between my posts that is, just set a record for shortest amount of time. I want to thank all of the people that made this possible..alright I’m finished. I felt compelled to get on here and blog as quickly as possible to make up for the lack of blogging over the past few days (with the exception of the one like 14 hours ago). Now that I’m on here, I’m giving you the inside look at some of the things that we have coming out. First, I’m working on a special program for the bookstore. This isn’t any program though, this is literally the greatest thing since sliced bread in terms of student benefits. Imagine getting — free stuff — all the time. Imagine rocking free gear that is actually cool? I’m 23, I know what cool is. Better yet, not only do I know what cool is, I know that you will want to rock this gear. I know that I’ll be rocking it at the gym, I know that you’ll be rocking it on campus. It’s gonna be huge. But this is only a SMALL part of what I have planned. I’m making a presentation either today or tomorrow that can change the game. Literally. I’ll release more details as I can, but for now, it’s basically a program that will make you want to be at the bookstore as much as possible. Believe it.

By the way, now is the time to get a Mac. Seriously, if you go to the bookstore in search of Mac hardware or accessories, you get free money in the form of a gift card that is applicable toward anything in the bookstore, whether it’s a notebook, textbook, or some ridiculously awesome State gear. Check it out, every time I’m in there I see something I wish I had.

Tangent time: you know what the most frustrating thing is? Carb cutting and cardio. Okay that’s two things, but still..they fall under the same category as “awful.” Today marks my first day of carb cutting, high-rep lifting, and cardio. Why? Because working at this amazing job has hindered my ability to not eat everything in sight. Typically this is a manageable syndrome, and lifting heavy weights as much as possible has certainly balanced this out, however, when summer is approaching (and yes being down in NC as opposed to Philly means summer starts sooner for me), it’s time to cut carbs, up protein, and run – a lot – and run some more. This means a couple of things, first, there will be trying times, and second monster results are on the way.

Okay I promise there was a point to this tangent. Everyone has an image of their ideal self in their mind. While my standards are ridiculously high, yours don’t have to be. They may be, who knows. The point is, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This is important to keep in mind when putting the daily grind into perspective. My frustrations might come in singular percentages that I’m trying to reach, whereas someone else might be struggling on a much larger scale. Problems for one person are non-issues for other people. Sensitivity to other people’s struggles and dilemmas is extremely important, in business, in school, and in life. Those who master the talent of being able to sympathize with others regardless of their situation will ultimately be successful.

Ultimately, we define our own limits. We make our own success, and we set our own goals. So let’s set our goals, and then demolish them. My goal? To redefine everything that’s NC State in terms of awareness, spirit, and passion. My personal goal? To shatter my own perception of what my limitations are. That should be everyone’s goal, because it makes life so much more interesting. Never settle. Never ever settle. We can always push harder. Now go do it, no one’s stopping you but you.

So..ridiculously..busy. But that’s a good thing!

I really need to get better at posting at least daily. It’s frustrating when a day goes by and I can’t post. I feel like I’m letting down ALL OF MY FANS AND READERS. Hopefully that’s a number greater than zero, haven’t had time to spread the word as much as I would have liked to, but for those of you out there in cyberspace reading my posts right now, as they come out, and not reading to catch up..thanks! For those of you catching up and plan on reading, you’re cool too. For those of you…yeah you get the point.

What to talk about today? There’s so much going on! How about the HUGE WIN over Duke? For those of you who don’t know, aka for those of you who were: living under a rock, away on a private island, born yesterday and have an incredible reading ability, etc., etc…State beat #1 Duke in Men’s Basketball! This solidifies the notion that we have a good team this year, and also has our team living up to the immense hype that was surrounding us this year. Now it’s time to take that streak and keep it alive, push it to 11 games, keep it real, keep winning, keep being awesome, get to the Final Four! Alright, alright, we still need to play the games: so LETS DO IT.

Needless to say it’s been buzzing around campus with this awesome victory. But we’ve had other victories outside of the sports world. Most specifically, we’re starting to bring attention to Headbands of Hope! I take serious pride in this as we can really make a tangible difference in the lives of those who don’t have much to get excited about. I’ve heard some incredible stories already, and hope to be the reason for many more. Every story is special, and I always react as if it’s the first one I’ve ever heard. It has that much of a significance.

As for me, today marks the last day I pig out at Fountain. For the third day in a row, I’ve had the equivalent of about 3 meals in one each day. That’s it! Getting back on my gym flow (not that I ever left, but it feels significantly less effective when you’re running on 3 extra meals in a day)! That said, it was a fun ride, and I think my point is made about Fountain being good. By the way, shout out to Howling Cow for being awesome. That is all.

One more thing I can mention about what we’re working on is some incredible promotions for the Bookstore. I have a lot of stuff in mind and my readers will be the FIRST to know when they’re implemented. So keep it locked for updates. I know what you’re saying…”how can updates about a bookstore be exciting?” I’ll make you a deal: Do you like State apparel? How about free money? Okay then, like I said, keep it locked. Big things are coming.