Getting Started as a New Student Employee

Welcome to your new job with Campus Enterprises! We’re excited to have you as part of the team.

As a new student employee, your first step will be to complete an online orientation. You will be enrolled soon after you start working, and you will have two weeks to complete it.After that, you will have lots of great opportunities to continue developing your skills and growing within CE. We have skill-building workshops, promotion opportunities, fun perks, and community activities to make this more than just a paycheck. (Don’t worry, you’ll get one of those too! And your paycheck will grow every year!)

Student employee assisting a customer at the information desk

Orientation Process

High-five yourself, because you have been hired!

You will soon receive two emails: one from and from

The ce-development email will have instructions on how to complete the New Student Employee Orientation and what to expect after you complete the orientation.

The REPORTER email contains the link to access the orientation in Moodle. You have two weeks to go online and finish the orientation.

After you complete orientation, your supervisor will add two hours to your timesheet for that pay period.

In the meantime, look over the Expectations of Student Employees (below).

Expectations of Campus Enterprises Student Employees

As a student employee, I understand that I am expected to:

  • Recognize that I am an important part of my team, and therefore will present myself positively and professionally at all times, perform duties as assigned while on the clock, and follow all guidelines and safety procedures.
  • Work all scheduled shifts or find a coworker approved by my supervisor to cover my shift.
  • Work the whole semester, including through finals.
    • During Finals week(s), I understand I am expected to resolve scheduling conflicts or changes in hours per my supervisor’s instructions.
  • Arrive for my shifts on time. At the start of my shift I will be:
    • Clocked in.
    • in my uniform, including my name tag.
  • Use my designated KABA clock with my Student ID to clock in/out.
    • I understand I am not authorized to clock in/out via MyPackPortal, nor to clock in/out for any of my co-workers.
  • Communicate directly to my supervisor if I will be late or absent.
    • I understand that Calling out of a shift without adequate prior notification, as determined by my unit’s call-out protocol, is not acceptable, unless in cases of severe illness or emergency.
    • Missing a shift without notification will be documented and may result in consequences up to and including termination.
  • Regularly check my email for job-related communications and read all emails thoroughly, in a timely manner.
  • Communicate with my supervisor in a timely manner if I have academic difficulty or personal issues, problems with my schedule, or any other issues that affect my work performance.
  • Give two weeks notice of resignation.
    • I understand I am expected to work all of my scheduled shifts during those two weeks.