Student Employee Performance Reflection Process

The performance reflection process is a way Campus Enterprises student employees can learn more about how they perform at work and set goals to grow.

Not every unit in Campus Enterprises uses performance reflections, but if your unit does, you can know what to expect. Performance reflections are not designed to discourage or embarrass the employee, but to encourage growth and overall professional development. These reflections happen semesterly in the middle of the semester (around mid-October and mid-March). The timeline is as follows:

  • At time of hire: when a student is hired, they will be told about the reflection process.
  • Ongoing during job: while a student works, their supervisor should be encouraging them and guiding them on how to improve their measures of success along with transferable skills.
  • Two weeks before: a student receives a reflection from their employer, they should receive a self-reflection.
  • Performance Reflection: the supervisor will go over the employee’s self-reflection and share additional feedback. The two will also identify two goals for the employee and, during this time, the supervisor can reference the given training catalog to recommend any useful workshops Campus Enterprises provides.
  • Afterwards: the student will be asked to fill out a student employee satisfaction and engagement survey in order to track engagement.

There are five measures of success that student employees will be graded on: Quality of Work, Accountability, Customer Service, Team Orientation, and Integrity. Learn more about the measures of success.